Best Hotels Near Covent Garden London 

7 Best Hotels Near Covent Garden London 

As an adventurer who loves to explore, going to elegant places is what gives you satisfaction. However, visiting the city of London will give you the best of satisfaction you can never imagine compared to what others can give you. Making London the best place to explore the best of Hotels that meets your expectations.


Therefore, In this guide, we will show you the best hotels in the covent garden London, where everything from their prices ranges, locations, foods you would love to try out and you can select which is best suited for your budget.

Below is the carefully selected list of the best  hotels in London, covent garden.

7 Best Hotels Near Covent Garden London 

1 Savoy hotel London

2 The covent garden hotel

3 The London Marriott hotel 

4 Four seasons hotel- Trinity Square 

5 The Rosewood London

6 Corinthian hotel – London

7 Royal horseguard hotel London

Best Hotels Near Covent Garden London 

1 The Savoy hotel London

Do you feel like travelling ? And still confused about where to lodge to experience the best of time in the City of London. Let this hotel serve you its purpose of relaxing your mind when it comes to comfort. It always proves itself to be the best place to stay in London. 

From the entry unit, waiting lounge and the elegant tea shop is a consistently luxurious yet a welcoming experience. A beautiful hotel with a full history, wonderful staff and service. 

The Hotel staff at Savoy are super efficient, gorgeous and quiet rooms, comfortable beds to sleep on, the stunning iconic American bar, the creative tasting menu from the 1890, outstanding flavours and the sublime art decor suites are what makes this hotel a memorable experience for you as a patron.

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With access to free WiFi, bar/ lounge, evening entertainment, valet parking. The rooms are also fully air conditioned, allergy free rooms, wonderful house keeping and plenty of complementary toiletries.

Words alone can’t express how your feelings and experiences are going to be unless you experienced it yourself.

Location: Strand, London 

Budget: £776 – £1046 

Business hours: 

Mon- Thu  12:00 am – 3:15 pm 

5:00 pm – 12:00 am

Fri- Sat   12:00 pm – 12:00 am

 Sun  12:00 am – 11:30 pm

Foods: skinny chicken soup, steamed chicken broth, sourdough bread, borlotti beans, quinoa 

2 The Covent Garden Hotel

Your first time in London? I’m sure you need a place to lay down your head for the night. Why not stop at the covent garden hotel in the city of London and grab for yourself an iconic experience of what this hotel has in stock for you.

From their exceptional staff that reeks of professionalism to well appointed rooms, lovely lounge, a bar, library room to brilliant breakfast. You can not help but marvel at such a masterpiece. The hotel outstanding service does not happen by accident but only by the diligence of following a service oriented company policy. 

The location is also terrific if you love to walk around exploring the nice weather and views of the environment because there are thirty theatres, and at least hundreds of restaurants, bars, pubs and stores around you for a perfect sightseeing experience that fits you.

Like I said, you will be making a big mistake if you don’t book your next London vacation at this amazing hotel. 

Location: Monmouth street, London 

Budget: £599- £899

Opening hours: Daily 24/7

Foods: egg Benedict, scones, cake , sandwich, and English afternoon tea 

3 The London Marriott hotel County 

Built in a great location with easy walking distance to many London attractions. The hotel team always takes their time to learn what each customer needs. 

Staff are incredibly nice, the rooms are ample, cosy, nicely furnished with comfy beds, free Wi-fi.


The real luxury of a resort is not its size, amenities or privileges its premium members have, It is rather the attention to the little details that makes a stay pleasant and wanting to return.

A magical place with magical people where you need not worry about the price but the quality of what matters most to you.

You will not only love to stay at this hotel because of its convenience but the welcoming staff at the hotel. 

Location: Westminster bridge road, county hall, London 

Budget: £510 – £774

Opening hours: Daily 24/7

Recommended Foods: Finger sandwiches, fluffy scones, cakes, chocolate tea with champagne

4 The Four seasons hotel- Trinity Square 

This hotel is a combination of elegant designs with historical respect that features a high ceiling open plan layout, with a separated bedroom which makes it feel like a personal residence. Everything you could think of is elegant, from the quality of rooms to the quality service and the unique experience .

This is exactly what you ordered for and it is  exactly what you get for your money’s worth. Their property offers a parking lot, bar/lounge, hot tub, while the rooms offer blackout curtains, fully air conditioned, and allergy free rooms.

So, If you are looking to enjoy a delicious and magical memory for you and your family, head straight to the Four Seasons Trinity Place because this hotel with its exceptional team and serene environment are the perfect stop for you.

Location: Trinity Square, London 

Budget: £829-£1250

Opening hours: Daily 24/7

Foods: scones, turkey and cranberry, pickled cucumber, coronation chicken and egg filling.

5 Best Hotels Near Covent Garden London: The Rosewood London

Situated in a great location with a short walk to the covent garden .Though quite expensive, but if you book early you can still find a good room for under $800 per night. 

Staff at Rosewood are caring as they work towards giving their customers the best of satisfaction, rooms are spacious. The hotel’s nightclub is amazing with comfy seats and amazing drinks, their jazz band are awesome. The hotel also gives access to the cosiest bar in the city with delicious cocktails and great atmosphere. 

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I recommend this hotel if you want a calm, amazing experience and love luxury in the city of London.

Location: High Holborn, London 

Budget: £699- £1011

Opening hours: Daily 24/7

You need to try out these Foods: Egg Benedict, radish and avocado salsa, molasses ice cream, tomato, waffles with berries 

6  The Corinthian hotel – London

An hospitality industry where its staff never cease to amaze you with their excellent and professional team work who love what they do.

Every little detail of the environment around The Corinthian is stunning, from ample amenities to a variety of dining options to choose from, the afternoon tea room is elegant with a beautiful chandelier with neatly arranged tables.

Patrons have access to evening entertainment, valet parking, free WiFi, fully air conditioned rooms, and soundproof rooms.

Location: Whitehall Place, London 

Budget: £847-£1248

Opening hours:


Mon – Sat 12 noon – 2:30pm,

5:30pm – 10:30pm

Sun 12 noon – 9pm


Mon- Sat 12 noon – 11:30 pm

Sun 12 noon – 10:30pm

These are the Foods you must try: The Finger sandwiches, pastries, cakes, dessert, scones and cookies 

7. The Royal Horseguard Hotel London

Built in a perfect location great for business and pleasure in the city of London while enjoying a comfortable hosting. With well appointed rooms that are clean, super quiet and peaceful. 

Their breakfast buffet is of great choice, attentive staff, great decor and Ambience. Their seating arrangement is also very comfortable where you can choose whatever table and place available at the moment.

The Room facilities at Royal Horseguard are what you expect of a higher end place—complimentary soft drinks, water, snacks, toiletries, and a heated bathroom floor. It also has conference facilities where you can have your business talks, bar/lounge, free WiFi and business centre with internet access.

Location: Whitehall Court, London 

Budget: £292-£495

Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm daily 

Foods they offer/ You should try out: Burrata with salt-baked beetroot, Thai spiced cauliflower T-bone and a sparkling wine 


Now that this guide has shown you what is best for your budget, make sure to check out these hotels and have a surreal feeling and an Unforgettable experience.


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