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Fiona Ryan TikTok Arrested? (Full Exposition)

Many have been searching for who the remanded tiktoker, Fiona Ryan is. In this piece, we have meticulously explicated who she is. More importantly, we have elucidated the reason for her arrest by the government.


Who is Tiktoker, Fiona Ryan?

Fiona Ryan is a 40-year-old tiktoker who supposedly is a “social commentator”. She has been posting a lot of social comments on tiktok that many tagged as offensive and discriminatory.

Before her arrest, she resided at Laverstock Road, Salisbury.

Until her arrest, there is not much about this lady however, the activities that led to her arrest are what I’ll be explicating on.

Why was Tiktoker, Fiona Ryan arrested?

The 40-year-old tiktoker made some racial comments. Not just racial but also sensitive religious comments. 

From our research, she’s been making these racial and offensive religious comments from the 4th of March 2024 – the 18th of April, 2024. She engaged in malicious discourse that made people perceive her as a racist. 

She was charged and was in custody on Thursday, 23rd of April, 2024. When asked, she pleaded ot guilty denying her involvement in the allegations.

Where is Fiona Ryan now?

According to reports, she has been given conditional bail until the next court hearing slated for Thursday, 16th of May, 2024. 

The court placed these conditions pending when the court has another hearing on the 6th of May. These conditions include

  1. She will not make internet posts at all.
  2. The only access she’ll have to the internet is internet banking. Meaning, she’s only permitted to use internet functional devices for internet banking.
  3. She will not have access to work emails.

The court posits that if she’s able to agree to these conditions then she can be granted bail

Final Thoughts

We all need to understand that our actions have cause and effect. Meaning that we are by a larger percentage responsible for what happens and does not happen to us.

We need to as humans accommodate and understand our fellow human, their diversity and culture. 


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