Maelor the Missing

Maelor the Missing: Fans react as Producer give reason

In the new season of House of Dragons; Maelor is missing from the new storyline, Blood and Cheese because the storyline was changed.

The brilliant author of Fire and Blood, George R. R. Martin elucidated in a release that the storyline was changed for several reasons. He explained that those who have not read the book might consider that scene enigmatic but those who have read the book and saw it would feel upset.

On-screen, we see Daemon employing the services of two assassins to kill Aemond but ends up killing the Prince of the seen kingdoms; Prince Jaehaerys. One of the assassins asks Helaena, the prince’s mother who was the male child and right after she reveals, they kill the prince in cold blood.

The book has a lot more intense scenes. In the book, the assassins kill Helaena’s maid and take the queen hostage. They asked her which of her children she would see dead. In the book Helaena chose Maelor, but they killed Jaehaerys instead and told him, (Maelor) that his mother chose him to die.

According to the writer, he elucidates that removing Maelor from the movie eradicates some level of psychological torture

In truth; the writer, Martin seems to understand that viewers and fans of the series are upset with the way the movie scene turned out and aims to share more details about the scene in the coming weeks.

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