Best Romantic Hotels in London

  7 Best Romantic Hotels in London

Romance, one of the words that makes the world go round. You don’t believe us? Then it’s time to go down memory lane. How many times have you smiled at genuine expressions of love in old couples? Yes, the Titanic makes you roll your eyes but why can’t you peel yourself from the screen until the credits start rolling? 


Romance, a word accompanied by several emotions and images. In the same vein, London and Romance are intertwined. As one of the best locations for romance movies,  we can’t choose one over the other.

From the Regency tales of Pride and Prejudice to the cliche fairytale romance of Christmas, traces of London are celebrated. So, for a Romantic getaway, London is your best option! 

The best atmosphere also determines your results. So, join us as we unveil the 7 best Romantic Hotels in London.

7 Best Romantic Hotels in London

1. The Ritz London

2. The Savoy

3. Shangri-La Hotel

4. The Goring Hotel

5. Rosewood London

6. The Connaught: Discreet Luxury and Artistic Flair

7. The Ned: Vibrant Atmosphere and Historic Grandeur

Best Romantic Hotels in London

1. The Ritz London: 

Can you enjoy top-notch romance without mixing luxury? The Ritz London gives a definite NO! 

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At this hotel, your every whim is catered for. If you want a tailored and romantic experience, then you have a winner. From the impeccable lighting, rich carpeting to the delightful design, all these immediately eases your nerves and puts you in the mood for a worthwhile experience. 

The elevator welcomes you into its fold with its gold-lined paintings. Most of the dining and general spots in the hotel are gold-themed. Candles and chandeliers are also another familiar sight in its grounds.

However, if you are feeling up to dining at any of the Ritz’s restaurants, be ready to don your best outfit (jeans are a faux pas here). If you didn’t pack any skirt, dress or suits, reach out to the staff. The Hotel has several alternatives for its guests.

The dining guests are impeccably dressed and enjoying exquisite cuisine with the staff happily waiting on you all. Breakfast is a more carefree affair at the Ritz, you can don your jeans and let your inner child out with a bowl of cereals. The Ritz is well-known for its afternoon tea in the Palm Court. So, don’t leave London without trying the tea.

Location: Mayfair

2. The Savoy: 

While The Ritz is celebrated for its timeless charm, historic appeal and excellent service, The Savoy stands for  the best British experience with top-level modern infrastructure. 

At the entrance, the doormen helps you with your luggage while you move towards the front desk. The hotel environment is Serene and sparkling. This is the best hotel for a quiet romantic experience with little or no human interference. 

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You can take any of its accomodation offers. Each room features stunning decor and luxurious facilities. If you aren’t careful, the creatively made bed would invite you for a dive or unlock your inner child with a romantic pillow fight. When you are done, call housekeeping while you soak in the heavenly tubs or opt for the rainfall shower. At the Savoy, there are many options for your luxury and convenience. 

The restaurants at the hotel are ideal for an idyllic romantic scene. The Savoy Grill treats your taste buds to the savoring seafoods and meats on display. The Thames foyer immerses you into an idyllic world of love, light, music and food. Like the afternoon tea at Ritz, the afternoon tea at the Savoy has several delights for you. 

Location: Strand

3. Shangri-La Hotel:

Like its name implies,welcome to complete bliss! This is the hotel that gives you the best views of London from your room. You can shut out the world and still enjoy the best things London has to offer here. The hotel also has romantic packages where you are given the royal treatment. 

You can stay in your pajamas for dinner because it’s a room service affair. Other standard complimentary services are also provided.

Location: St. Thomas street.

4. The Goring Hotel: 

While the beauty and charm of the other hotels is exemplary, there is something romantic about the true British experience. Goring Hotel gives you the intimacy you might not receive elsewhere. Located in the choice parts of London, you will enjoy the serenity of London and the hotel while taking a romantic walk at its gardens. 

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The suites are top notch with remarkable views of Burkingham Palace. You could also visit the Palace, walk to Hyde Park, House of Parliament and others 

Location: Belgravia

5. Best Romantic Hotels in London: Rosewood London 

For a contemporary London experience, Rosewood is your best choice. It’s lavish rooms and exquisite decor are a delight for your senses. At this hotel, guests are  well groomed. Dinner with other hotel guests is a wonderful affair. Everyone is ever so courteous and beautifully attired.  

Location: Holbor

6. The Connaught: Discreet Luxury and Artistic Flair

For an artistic and luxurious romantic experience, the Connaught is your top pick. The hotel is within walking distance of several art galleries and boutiques. So, you can enjoy a London experience different from the regular routine. 

Here, you could ease into the rhythm and enjoy a quiet getaway that  allows you focus on your partner. From the exclusive spas to the resplendent rooms, the hotel creates your desires within seconds.

Location: Mayfair

7. The Ned: Vibrant Atmosphere and Historic Grandeur

On this list, the live of the Party is the Ned Hotel. It’s lively music, several restaurants, and overall top-notch service will captivate you. This is also a membership club so the patrons of this hotel are an urban lot. Their stylish demeanor and the ambience of the hotel transports you into the world of the elite. Now, this is the romantic getaway that you desire.  

Location: Poultry street, London.


The 7 best Romantic Hotels in London blend class, elegance and the British charm to give you an unforgettable experience. Each hotel is the canvas on which you create your ideal romantic scenes. All hotels in this list are 5 star rated. So, you could use the concierge service and get to know hidden gems in the hotel and London.


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