Ashanti Shequoiya Net Worth

Ashanti Shequoiya Net Worth And   Biography 

Ashanti Douglas Shequoiya, an American musician, composer and an artist who was signed as a teenage musician sometime in 2002 to Murder Inc. Records and she got featured on “what’s luv” by Fat Joe and “Always on Time” by Ja Rule, most popular songs of that year. However, Ashanti occupied the Billboard charts twice as the first woman singer.


In the year 2002, Ashanti’s first album on its first circle of production sold about half a million copies, while also receiving numerous awards not excluding the Grammys. As in the following year,the album has sold 6 million copies and is also in close category with a music classic known as The Beatles.

Jennifer Lopez testified to the musical prowess of Ashanti as she produced sounds which also made its way to the Billboard.

Chapter II became Ashanti’s 2nd album in the year 2003 which sold about three hundreds in thousands around the United States and also made it to the Billboard two hundred.

Some of the songs on the albums rose and made Ashanti a favourite amongst the populace,such as “Rain on Me”, “Rock with You” with each making different nominations at different levels of award categories. However, a third album, known as Ashanti’s Christmas released in 2003 was greeted with not too sweet criticism.

Fast forward to 2004, Ashanti produced her fourth album with a title from Tupac’s popular witty saying.An album that went on to claim hundreds of thousands of sales was certified as her fourth platinum album.”Only U”,a single on the album got to Billboard 100 and became one of the most listened to in the country.

Consequently,the “Don’t Let Them” which was the second on the album received small attention from the populace after a fraud case was instituted against the Manager of the record label hereby stopping funding.

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She however released “The Declaration” and “Braveheart” which are fifth and sixth albums respectively. Outside singing, Ashanti has played active roles in movies, one which include Coach Carter,her debut with Samuel Jackson, playing the role of Dorothy Gale in a television film which garnered thousands of million at its first production. Ashanti has however engaged in various movies of popular audiences.


Ashanti [born 13th October,1980] in New York,to an American of African roots mother and an ex dance coach,Tina Douglas and a father of similar root as her mum, Ken-kaide Thomas Douglas.

Being the first of two children,her name was in reference to women of the Ashanti tribe of Ghana where women are exceptionally outstanding and vibrant.

However, around the early 1960s, Ashanti’s activist grandfather known as James was professionally affiliated with Martin Luther King.

While Ashanti was 12, her mother was amazed by her talent to sing whence she sang “Reminisce” by Mary Blige. Ashanti wrote songs while in high school and also attended several shows at different intervals. As time went by, she got featured in Malcom X being the first time appearing in a movie as a teenager and she subsequently got some features in multiple other music videos.

Additionally,she struggled with fame and breakthrough as a musician while making efforts at being humble.

 Ashanti Shequoiya Net Worth: Musical  Career 

Irv Gotti was the first to observe  Ashanti’s musical abilities and then requested that she pair with some of his signed musicians of which Ashanti did exceptionally brilliant. She then went on to get invited to numerous other artists in the same record label,few of which include “How We Roll” by Big Pun, “Pov City Anthem” and “Just Like a Thug” by Cadillac. You’ll find Ashanti’s voice appearance on Fast and Furious melodies. 

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However, in coming to limelight, she got featured and hundreds more musical and movie videos, winning several awards and some causing controversies between musicians.

Relationship Life

Ashanti Douglas was in a relationship with Nelly, even though the relationship had been an on-off relationship before they eventually got back together in 2022.  She announced on 17th April that they are expecting their first child on her Instagram handle tagged “baby, baby, baby…coming after months of speculation”. 

The Grammy’s winner also made another announcement of her baby bump by tagging Nelly to the post. The couple met during the 2003 Grammy press tour, where they both became friends. They began their dating life a few months into their friendship. The first five years seem to have meaning in their relationship. 

The duo have managed to keep their relationship private, before they decided to announce it in 2008 where they were both seen together at many high profile events. 

In 2013, they confirmed to have broken up as a result of their public life, which will always affect their relationship giving personal growth and professional focus as a reason for their break up. Also in 2013, reports had it that Nelly was in another relationship with a model/actress Shantel Jackson and confirmed again to have another break up in 2021. 

In 2015, another rumour emerged from an unreliable source that Ashanti also got into another relationship with an NFL player Darnell Dockett, which sparked up the internet reactions without confirming whether it was true or not. 

Throughout the years, she has been rumoured to be in and out of relationships but she still maintained her private life. Ten years later, Ashanti and Nelly were Both seen together on several occasions. 


Ashanti Shequoiya Net Worth And Assets

Ashanti Shequoiya Net Worth is $22 million. 

Assets : she owns a variety of cars to show how successful she is. Ashanti owns houses in Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles. 

Her biggest source of income comes mostly from music sales, touring, Endorsement, acting roles among others.  

Physical Appearance

She is 5 ‘3 in height while she weighs 50kg. 

Fact About Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas

1. She is an award winning singer, songwriter.

2. born on 13 October, 1980 in New York.

3. Her debut “foolish” paved the way for her to the path of success in 2002.

4. The first female artist to top two spots on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

5. Ashanti has a quite huge millions of followers on her Instagram and Twitter handles.

6. In 2010, she released her fragrance signature “Precious Jewel”  that reflects on her personality and style. 

7. Her songwriting skills are widely recognised which have given her and other artists hits in their musical career. 

8. Her fan base “Ashanti Army” who motivates and encourages her on her entertainment. 

9. She is also notably recognised as a stylish artist which made her a fashion icon. 

10. Got awarded for her live performances all thanks to her soulful voice. 

Social Media Handle And Website

Instagram: Ashanti @ashanti 

X: Ashanti @ashanti 


Ashanti has proven herself that she truly deserves all the endorsement, awards, and acting roles due to her hard work which is paying off for her. 

Despite her wealth, she stayed true to her musical career and will continue to release hit music and also take on new projects. 

Her story so far is evidence of hard work, determination, perseverance and talent.


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