Best Jack London Best Books

7 Best Jack London Best Books

John Griffith Chaney was born on 12th January 1876. He was a very talented story writer. Although he was a native of America, his talent in journalism and writing eventually made him an international sensation. John Griffith Chaney is more popularly known as Jack London and he can be considered to be one of the Founding fathers of the science fiction genre of writing. 


Jack London made a huge amount of money and fame all from writing. He was also a very devoted animal rights agent and this can be seen in some of his books. After his successful career run, Jack London laid to rest on November 22, 1916. Curious to know some of his best works? Read the details in this article and sate your curiosity. 

7 Best Jack London Books

1. Before Adam

2. The Call of the Wild

3. White Fang

4. The Sea-Wolf

5. The Iron Heel.

6. The Scarlet Plague

7. Martin Eden

Best Jack London Best Books

1. Before Adam

This book is one of few fantasy books written by Jack London. This book features a man who, by a genetic mutation, relives the life of his ancestors before they evolved into humans. 

At first the protagonist thinks he experiences these moments as dreams, however, he is given a harsh reality when he discovers he has actually tapped into a genetic code long lost in the modern human. 

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If you have a flair for fantasy, this book is the book just for you. You can rest assured that you will definitely be entrapped by the content of this book. 

Amazon Price: £11.42

2. The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is a very interesting book which pulls its readers into the world Jack London aspired to create. The story features Buck, a St Bernard mix dog who initially had a very comfortable life in civilization. However, he was kidnapped and sold off by the gardener and soon he found himself in the polar regions where he was introduced to a new life as a sled dog. 

In his new life, Brick had to adapt to life as a sled dog, getting fed only after performing his duty and tirelessly pulling the sled in the harsh cold winds. However, Buck adapted quickly to this life and soon he contended and won for leadership of the pack of sled dogs. 

The Call of the Wild is such a well written book that readers can feel the tension in their blood as they read. The book is written in Buck’s pov and readers can feel the transition from a pampered dog into a dog who has to grow accustomed to the wild. 

Amazon Price: £8.49

3. The Sea-Wolf

This book can be said to have two main characters, Literature critic Humphrey van Wyeden and sea pirate Wolf Larsen. The book shows how much humans are influenced by a change in environment. 

After being rescued from a shipwreck, Humphrey finds himself atop Larsen’s Pirate ship. Atop the ship, Humphrey finds himself in a clash of ideals with Larsen as their view on life is totally different. However, after some time atop the ship, Humphrey finds himself viewing life in a different manner and taking actions that he would never consider before. 

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Amazon Price: £4.95

4. White Fang

White Fang is another thrilling book featuring a dog who had to adapt to the harsh realities of the world. This book was written in the pov of the half wolf half dog hybrid White Fang.

White Fang was first introduced when he was adopted by some Native Americans. In this part of his life the wolf-dog was beaten and subjected to discipline until eventually he learned to fear and respect his masters and even view them as gods. 

Next, White Fang found himself in the wild where he was put in a cage and used as a means of entertainment to fight against several wild animals and dogs. This brutal experience led White Fang to embrace his feral side and he won every single one of his matches until he was pit against a bull dog who eventually won against him. 

Amazon Price: £6.95

5. Martin Eden 

Martin Eden is another masterpiece written by Jack London. The story features the dreams and aspirations of young English sailor Martin Eden

In the story, Martin Eden, who was a sailor, aimed to be a world renowned writer and win the hand of Ruth Morse, one of the wealthy young women in London. The story follows Martin Eden’s pursuit of his dreams. 

John London really outdid himself in this book. Following the main character’s steady growth and pursuit of his dream. If you want to know whether Martin Eden won or lost in his pursuit of his dream, get the book and follow him on his journey. 

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Amazon Price: £7.95

6. Best Jack London Best Books: The Iron Heel 

The Iron Heel is a book centered on revolution. In this book, the main character aims at causing a revolution against the ruling class of England. However, those in power refused any chance which the people might use to start a revolution. This book shows the journey of the main character as he aims to cause the revolution which the ruling class kicked against with all fiber of their being. 

Read this book and embark on the journey to lead a successful revolution against the desires of the power holders. 

Amazon Price: £3.69

7. The Scarlet Plague 

Written by Jack London, Scarlet Plague is a book which was set in 2073. In this book, the main character Granser recalls to his grandchildren the beauty of Earth before it was hit by the deadly Scarlet Plague. Granser teaches his grandchildren who now lead a primitive way of life the technology and advancements that Earth had seen. 

As one of the very few survivors of the Scarlet Plague, Granser tells his children as much as he can remember about the world before and the world during the Plague. However, as science advances have come a very long way, Granser can only teach his grandchildren what he is able to teach them. 

Amazon Price: £8.95


Jack London really opened a new door to writers on how to best express themselves in the Sci-fi genre. His books can still be found in various stores around London and in online stores like Amazon. 


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