Best Shepherd Pie Restaurants in London

7 Best Shepherd Pie Restaurants in London

London, the central city of the UK, has a rich background which has influenced its food. Its residents are not surprised by the variety of meals that grace its streets. One of these dishes is the Shepherd’s Pie, an old  London staple still favored by the populace. 


This simple meal is prepared with cooked minced meat of either lamb or beef and mashed potatoes as toppings. Shepherds pie is a quick fix in most London homes where the leftover potatoes and vegetables are used. 

Over the years, Shepherd’s Pie went through a name evolution. It was previously called Saunders but nothing sticks like the traditional name, So, Shepherd’s pie won the day as the original name which appealed more to the masses. 

Since the 17th century, its recipe has experienced several face lifts. However, the chief ingredients of Lamb or beef meat, with mashed potato toppings have remained constant. 

Shepherds Pie is also known as Cottage Pie when cooked with beef. As one of the traditional London meals, everyone who visits London should try it out. 

If you are interested in getting a piece of this delicacy, but don’t know where you will go to get maximum satisfaction for your taste buds, then this article is for you. 

In today’s write up, we have compiled 7 best Shepherd’s Pie restaurants in London for you. Essential information like address, food options, website, pricing and opening hours are also on this list. 

7 Best Shepherd Pie Restaurants in London

1. The Ivy Restaurant

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2. The Windmill

3. The Carpenters Arms

4. The Pheasant Restaurant and Inn

5. Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant

6. The Black Lion

7. Annie’s

Best Shepherd Pie Restaurants in London

1.The Ivy Restaurant

Looking for where you’ll enjoy Shepherd’s pie’s original taste? The Ivy Restaurant sits at West Street, waiting patiently for you. Food cost may seem a bit over the norm but you can be rest assured that the quality and taste of the food will make you forget how much you’ve spent on it. 

This restaurant can be said to be one of the few restaurants which still retains the original recipe used for the Shepherds Pie as it opened during the early days of the production of this traditional British delicacy. 

Ivy Restaurant also gives various other foods besides the Shepherds Pie so if you’re interested in clearing your appetite before leaving the restaurant, feel free to browse through their menu of tantalizing food options. 

Address: 1-5 West Street,  England, United Kingdom

Price: About $50 depending on the dish

Opening Hours: Afternoon and evening (12 – 11pm)

Food Options: includes European, vegetarian, British, gluten free and many more. 

2. The Windmill

A nice restaurant situated in the centre region of Mayfair widely acknowledged as one of the best Pie houses in London offers a very delicious Shepherd’s Pie. 

When it comes to the Windmill restaurant, you can increase your expectations for a delicious pie to the highest level and still be positively surprised. 

Although, the pie is good, you can also get good beer in this restaurant. So if you’re looking for where to relax and let off some steam, the Windmill restaurant is your place. Ensure to get side dishes to enjoy with your beer. 

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Address: Mill Street Mayfair, United Kingdom 

Price: About $22

Opening Hours: Morning till late night (11am – 11pm)

Food Options: Beer, pies, side dishes.

3. The Carpenters Arms

A popular restaurant in Ton Bridge, London, the Carpenters Arms is widely renowned for their skill in bringing up wonderful tasty dishes. 

Shepherds Pie sold in this restaurant is good enough to satisfy your taste buds for a long period of time.

If you’re looking for where to get Shepherds pie with an unorthodox recipe, then the Carpenters Arms is just for you. 

Popular dishes with altered recipes and entirely new dishes are all available. So go explore your options! 

Address: Three Elm Lane, Ton bridge, London

Price: About £15

Opening Hours: Morning to late night (8am – 11pm)

Food Options: Besides standard dishes, vegan and gluten free options are available. 

4. The Pheasant Restaurant and Inn

This restaurant is well-known for its remarkable shepherd’s pie recipe. Here, you enjoy beverages and meals for almost no cost. Drinks which can be used to improve the taste of your pie. 

Address: 98 West End Lane Pheasant Inn, Harlington, London

Price: About £15

Opening Hours: Noon through Midnight 

Food Options: All day meals except breakfast . 

5. Ham Yard Bar 

Ham Yard Bar is your go to location to wine and dine. In this restaurant, Your Shepherd’s Pie will experience an upgrade.

Its menu list changes according to the time of day. So, you might want to pop in at the right time.

Address: 1 Ham Yard, England

Average Price: $40 

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Opening Hours: 9AM

Food Options: Breakfast to dinner

6. Black Lion

As a bar, restaurant and garden, this magnificent building situated in West End Lane guarantees tasty Shepherd’s Pie. You could order a bottle of good wine to go with it or listen to beautiful music at the background, what more could you ask for. Head over there now for the best Shepherds pie experience you can get in the entirety of London. 

Address: 295 West End Lane, England, United Kingdom 

Price: About £25

Opening Hours: Afternoon to late night (12pm – 11pm)

Food Options: lunch, dinner, barbecue and more. 

7. Best Shepherd Pie Restaurants in London: Annie’s

Finally on our list is Annie’s restaurant. Situated in Thames Road, this restaurant is the perfect spot for heavy eaters. If you’re looking to satisfy your stomach while getting a delicious pie to fill your taste buds. Annie’s restaurant is waiting patiently for you. Make your way over and end your craving. 

Address: 162 Thames Road, Chiswick, England

Price: About £40

Opening Hours: Evenings (5pm – 10pm)

Food Options: Dinner, cocktails, pies and many more


London is the best place to enjoy the best meals that serve you right. With the list given to you, it becomes easier to locate one to explore in the city of London. What are you still waiting for? Locate them today to satisfy your cravings 


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