Are you on the lookout for the best restaurants to explore in your stay in London? Look no further! A visit to the restaurant in Shard London is a visit to fulfillment, as you will be exposed to the best of services that fits your taste.  


The restaurant in Shard London is one of the best in the City of London, offering visitors a unique dining experience like never before with access to sightsee landmarks around the City. 

However, the restaurant is also a place where you can get the best of meals without having to stress yourself. YES! You may have had experiences from other cities or countries but nothing beats what Shard London has to offer.

Therefore, we’ve made a list of the 7 best restaurants in shard London you should consider visiting in London. With all the necessary details needed for you to locate the restaurant for the best of culinary experience.. 





4 TlNG 



7 BAR 31



This elegant modern restaurant offers a British kind of cuisine with access to stunning views of the shard. The restaurant has a combination of luxury, cinema, and a well arranged dining that serves you right.

The service at shard restaurants is one of the best, that’s why locals and visitors prefer them to others, also with the right facilities and amenities that give you a fulfilling experience with top notch customer services you can’t get anywhere else. 

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Therefore, wait no more? Oblix is the best place to explore for a unique traditional cuisine experience that fits your taste.

Location– East London

Price range– £280- £300 

Opening Hours: They are open 24/7

2. Hutong

This restaurant offers you an exquisite Chinese experience. The restaurant boasts of a sophisticated atmosphere and unparalleled views of londons that makes your stay in London worth it.

Hutong remains one of the best restaurants in London for services rendered. If you haven’t explored any of the restaurants in the city, you should try out Hutong, from the modernized building to the fabulous cuisine made meals, I am very sure that you will not be disappointed with their services. 

It is an Amazing place to behold, from the kitchen, the staff and how they rendered their services. With a 24/7 security put in place to protect you, you have nothing to fear in Hutong.  Visit them today for the best of services.

Location– Situated at level 33 shard London 

Price range– £500

Opening hours: They are open 24/7.

3. Aqua shard

Another place to be in the City of London is the Aqua Shard restaurant. The restaurant offers a classic British afternoon tea experience, combined with freshly baked sandwiches, cakes, and pastries all served in traditional stands. Also, they offer you the best of leisure and locally made cuisine that fit your budget.

The restaurant is home to several tourists and locals who are travelers leveraging on the top-notch services rendered by aqua shard 

A restaurant that gives you all the services needed without missing any details is the best place to be, as you will be opportuned to explore greatness for a fulfilled stay in London. A visit will serve you right 

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Location–  St, Thomas street London

Price Range– £500

Opening hours– They are open 24/7.

4. TING 

If you want services that fit your luxurious lifestyle, ting is the place to be, as they offer you with top notch services that meet your expectations. No wonder it remains the local favorite, for their unique way of ditching out services.

 Also, ting has a private dining room that seats up for more guests and offers stunning views of the city to make your stay worthy. 

However, as a tourist, the signature cocktail made with sweetened egg white, and lime is a must try.

Location -situated at bridge city London

Price range: £600

Opening hours: They are open 24/7.


Gong is another place to be in London, as they offer innovative cocktails alongside exquisite cuisine. 

Also, the restaurants offer classes, where guests can learn about the art of cocktail making while enjoying the stunning meals. The drinks menu at Gong features creative classic cocktails, as well as a selection of premium inspired cuisine.

The restaurant is a place you will like to visit for its unique way of delivering services. With  gong , you should expect the best of services that fits your budget. 

With access to modern day facilities that gives you satisfaction, and dining settings that help to satisfy your cravings. Locate them today for the best of experience.

Location– situated at center of London

Price range– £450

Opening hours– They are open 24/7

6. Hijingo

Do you love to explore? Then, Hijingo is the best place to be for a unique experience that befits you. The restaurant is a Japanese eatery that provides a range of traditional meals, with stunning views of the city.  

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Also, Hijingo offers sushi – making masterclasses, allowing visitors, and tourists to learn about the art of sushi- making and create their rolls. For special events: Hijingo hosts regular special events, such as salce tastings, workshops, and night hangouts, making it a vibrant and exciting place to dine and socialize.res

Visit Hijngo restaurants  today for a unique experience that gives you fulfiness.

Location –  it is situated at worship street London.

Price range: £300

Opening hours -They are open 24/7


Bar 31 is on the ground floor of the shard. This restaurant is the most casual of all the restaurants at shard . It has an elevated space that comes with plenty  of natural light, a long glass counter, and large sports screens that gives you maximum satisfaction. There is this cozy outdoors, also perfect for the warm summer months.

When talking about the atmosphere for relaxation, bar 31 is sophisticated and spacious enough for your dealing. They offer you with a range of casual lunch and dining options to satisfy your craving. The place mostly come alive on weekends when live music adds to the already buzzing atmosphere.

Location –  it is situated at 31 shard London

Price range– £380

Opening hours -They are open 24/7.


In conclusion, the Shard offers a range of dining experiences that are not just delicious but of high standard, with each restaurant offering its own unique twist on London’s diverse cuisine scene. From modern dishes at Oblix to authentic traditional drinks at Hutong, the restaurants in the Shard cater to every taste and season.

So whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a business lunch, or a fun night out with friends, the Shard provides a memorable dining experience that truly benefits London’s food scene.


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