Gracie Bon

Who is Gracie Bon? OnlyFans Star Gets Tongue Wagging

Gracie bon or Graci as she is fondly called hails from Panama City, Panama. She’s a successful 30-year-old model.

Per our research, she began modelling at 20 years old. What intrigued people about her is her survey body and big backside (you get the drift).

On Instagram, she has amassed a whopping 6.8 million followers. Per reports, she has worked with big brands like Fashion Nova Curve (in fact, her IG bio says she’s a “FashionNova ambassador”), Pretty Little Thing, and Savage X Fenty.

In all honesty, her confident persona got to many of her fans, lovers and critics. Per multiple sources, she also shares premium content on Onlyfans.

In recent times, she started trending for her majestic transformation. She explicated that before her surgery, she had problems with breathing, had severe pains in her knees and was rejected by her former partner.

On her socials, elucidated as she shares are before and after photo:

WHAT GOD GAVE ME👑 you can clearly see in the first picture how my “natural” body looked and GUESS WHAT in that time they looked at me strangely and got body shamed too because I look different and dress differently. So because I’m a plus size girl I cannot wear whatever I want and go outside? Sorry I’m not ashamed anymore of my curves and I’ll not hate my body because you hate it‼️some of you normalize hating on girls for nothing, just for being themselves. mind you, the thighs match 

Gracie Bon
Gracie’s Before and After photo shared by her

Gracie is an advocate for “doing what you are interested in”.

Fans’ and Critic’s Reactions to her posts

There has been much backlash from critics and fans who have openly supported Gracie Bon and encouraged her to keep doing her thing.

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User jessamymoore said:

bro keeps on victimizing herself as if she didn’t get surgeries on purpose to draw attention

User metroboxer45 said

The hate is real.You can read it in the comments.This woman did a great job to her body.She didn’t put a whole lot of surgery in it.Just the stomach, If you ask me, she looked good before. She scoped herself out,She did a wonderful job

Despite these reactions from many critics she keeps shining and spreading joy with her titillating photos.

Gracie’s journey and openness about her experiences make her a relatable and inspiring figure for many of her followers.

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