Best Boulangeries in London

7 Best Boulangeries in London

Are you French or just a lover of French bakes?


Are you looking for where you can get pastries made with french recipes?

There are a number of boulangeries in London that give you the French pastries experience right in the heart of London. You do not need to travel all the way to France to have a French treat.

Our list of 7 best boulangeries in London offers the best quality of pastries, sandwiches and other baked products with the finest quality of fresh French ingredients.

7 Best Boulangeries in London

1.The Maison Puget bakery 

2. The Paul Kingston Bakery 

3. Thé Aux Pains de Papy

4. The Dusty Knuckle Bakery

5. The Patisserie Sainte Anne

6. The Comptoir Gourmand Boulangerie 

7. The Balthazar Boulangerie 

Best boulangeries in London


Maison Puget Bakery uses natural ingredients of good quality to make pastries. It is popular for its baguette and baguettine.

Its menu  includes sandwiches, bread and viennoiseries of different types.

Take a stroll to the bakery for an in store pick up or shopping. If you are too busy or too far, Maison Puget bakery has got you covered with its instant delivery.

What is a bakery without bread?

Maison puget bread has held the award of being the best bread on London since 2020

Menu: Croissants, baguette, Pain Au Chocolat, cakes, tea, coffee, Brioche, doughnuts, Ifs À la Crème, Quiche Salmon and Spinach, Croque Monsieur, fan vanilla, Sandwiches, pies, bagel, viennoiserie.

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Location: Portobello Rd, London.

Price range: £1 – £10 for one person 

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 

7am – 5pm


8am – 4:30pm


Paul bakery is popular for amazing sandwiches. It also serves handmade breads, croissants, salads, cakes, macarons, soups and other french bakes.

It has a sitting area with a causal setting where you can sit alone or with friends to enjoy a light breakfast snack over a cup of coffee 

Breakfast, brunch , lunch and desserts are being served at Paul Kingston Bakery. It is a perfect spot for individuals across all ages, children included.

It has a casual setting making it a perfect spot for a casual date or meeting over a fresh snack or desserts. It also offers small plates which makes it children friendly.

Menu: Pistachio, cappuccino, eclair, croissants, doughnuts, coffee, cakes, fried mushrooms, Pastel De Nata, Chocolat Au Lait, Latte, sandwiches. 

Location: Eden street, United Kingdom

Price range: £10 – £20 for one person 

Opening hours: 

Monday – Friday

7:30am – 7pm

 Saturday – Sunday

8am – 7pm


Be welcomed by the mix of various aromas from different pastries and bake when you step into Aux Pains De Papy and experience the heavenly taste of French pastries in London.

Aux Pains De Papy boulangerie is a perfect spot for a quick breakfast on your way to work or an early meeting.

It is a family run rustic French bakery renowned for its handmade bakes made from high quality ingredients.

Although its sitting spaces are limited, it offers a dine-in experience where you can sit and choose from a variety of options to have for breakfast. Takeaways and deliveries or no exceptions.

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Menu: Bûche de Noël, cakes, croissants, sandwiches, bread, viennoiserie and vegetarian options.

Location:  Grays Inn Road, United Kingdom 

Price range: £1 – £10 for one person.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday

7am – 4pm


8am – 12:30pm




If you have allergies, then The Dusty Knuckle Bakery is the best option for you. It offers expertly baked pastries free from gluten.

Vegetarians can enjoy salads and other varieties of food that suit their taste and preference.

It serves breakfast with dine in, pick-up or take away options and it is LGBTQ+ friendly 

Menu: Roasted aubergine sarnie, coffee, smashed cucumber sarnie, spicy pork sarnie, bread, salad, pizza and vegetarian options.

Location: Abbot street , United Kingdom 

Price range: £10 – £20 for one person 

Opening hours:


8am – 1pm

Tuesday – Sunday

8am -3:30pm


The brightly yellow coloured interior of this bakery is an irresistible first sight attraction. It brightens up the environment and gives life to the goods.

This pastry shop specializes in delicious Patisserie, pastries and sweets that would leave your taste buds yearning for more.

It offers breakfast and dessert as in store pick up, shopping or take away dining options to suit every customer’s schedule.

This French bakery offers quality bread, cakes, pastries, chocolates and macarons 

Menu: Éclair Millefeuille & Paris Londres, Mille Feuille, Latte, Tarte Aux Pomme, French Cafe, Pépite, Quiche, a variety of croissants, chocolatés, bread, cakes and Patisserie.

Location:  204 king street, United Kingdom 

Price range: £1-£10

Opening hours:

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Monday – Tuesday


Wednesday – Saturday 

7 am – 5pm


8am – 5pm


Comptoir Gourmand Boulangerie offers you the opportunity to order frozen pastries and bake your pastries at home. This is suitable for get-togethers or family timeouts. 

It offers a wide range of breakfast services ranging for same day deliveries, to in store shopping or pickups and takeaway, designed to suit the schedule of every customer.

Comptoir Gourmand Boulangerie also has facilities for events and special occasions.

Menu: Coffee, Canton Teas, drinks, pastries, snacks baguette, sandwiches, bread and vegan options.

Location: 96 Bermondsey street, United Kingdom 

Price range: £1 -£20

Opening hours:

Monday – Tuesday

7:30am – 3pm

Wednesday – Friday

7:30am – 4pm


7:30am – 5pm


8am – 4pm

7. Best Boulangeries in London: BALTHAZAR BOULANGERIE 

If you are craving for bread and coffee, then Balthazar boulangerie is the best recommendation for you.

It’s menu has a variety of tasty meals; it offers the three course meal including  brunch and desserts.

It also offers freshly prepared juices, cocktails and luxury wine for catering services.

If you want to plan a romantic date, then Balthazar boulangerie is the perfect place because of its romantic atmosphere. It is also the best place for sit outs and meetings.

It is popular for its butter filled, flaky and crispy almond and cinnamon croissant made with the freshest of ingredients.

Menu: They have a variety of food on the menu. Here are a few to choose from. omelet, afternoon tea, Egg White Omelette With Spinach, and Lobster Royale With Smoked Salmon & 1/2 Lobster On A Muffin.

Location: 4 -6 Russell street, United Kingdom.

Price range: £10 – £20

Opening hours:

Monday  – Friday

11am – 10:45pm


10 am – 10:45 pm


10am – 9:45 pm


Choose from our list and make your stay in London a worthwhile experience! Your taste and cravings will definitely be satisfied at every visit.


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