Best Restaurants Near London Eye

7 Best Restaurants Near London Eye

London, a place of diverse culture for locals and visitors alike, is a safe city that provides homely feelings for people, where people can indulge in edible delights with the iconic backdrop  of the London Eye with the seven top rated restaurants.


From exquisite fine dining to casual food eateries that boast of aesthetic backdrops and views where each promises a memorable dining experience,  perfectly complimenting your visit to this London landmarks.

If you are new to London and want to try out these restaurants that will be worth your time and money, be rest assured that you will only get nothing but the best.

7 Best Restaurants Near London Eye

Below are the carefully selected best restaurants near London Eye

7 Best Restaurants Near London Eye

1 The Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar

2 The Archduke

3 Skylon

4 Giraffe – South Bank

5 Black & Blue – Waterloo

6 Okan South Bank London

7 Ping Pong Southbank London

Best Restaurants Near London Eye

1. The Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar

As an adventurer looking for class, excellent service and outstanding food, this restaurant is a must try out.  a fabulous dinner with a nice unbeatable location and views, no loud music within your budget? Gillray’s Steakhouse is the best place to be with nice views across the river Thames.

Gillray’s Steakhouse is here to serve you.

Their good range of menu choices is tailored to suit everyone. It boasts of aesthetic views and a prime cut of beefs sourced from English farms

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You might want to try out the Tomahawk steak because it’s not one to miss in your stay in London.

Venue:  Westminster Road,  London

Allowance: £26- £40

Eatables:  Tomahawk T-bone,half lobster, bacon jam

Shop hours:

Breakfast Daily 07:00 am – 10:30 pm

Lunch Daily 12:00 pm – 16:45 pm

Dinner Daily 17:00 pm – 22:00 pm

2. The Archduke

The first restaurant to open in this area occupying the Victorian railway with live jazz performed every night and Sunday afternoon.

If you are looking for T-bone, exotic wine and live entertainment for your dinner,This restaurant has a good feel about it from the moment you walk in. The shrimps are delicious and the T-bones are rare, which are good price fixed menus.

Their cocktails, delicious wines and modern eatables is what you as a patron should indulge in. It promises its patrons a hot spot for delicious European dishes.

Venue: South bank, London

Allowance: £26 – £40

Shop hours:

Mon- Sun 12:00 pm- 21:00 pm

Tue- Sat 12:00 pm – 23:30 pm

Eatables:  Frites, Chicken  Caesar, Rotisserie Chicken, deep fried shrimp

3.  The Skylon

Skylon is established in the Middle of South bank looking out across the Thames.

A place with excellent food, accommodation services with attentiveness where as a patron can have a thorough pleasurable experience.

Known for its British cuisine and stylish atmosphere,  it is a perfect spot for dinners and those seeking an unforgettable dining experience. You get something suitable for most tastes  at a reasonable price.

Venue: Royal Festival Hall, London

Allowance: £26 – £40

Shop hours:

Sun 11:00 am – 16:00 pm

Brunch Sat 11:30 am – 15:00 pm

Lunch Mon- Fri 12:00 pm – 15:00 pm

Dinner  Mon- Sat 17:00 pm – 22:00 pm

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Eatables: Herb crusted baked cod saffron,  mussel chowder, Aberdeen Angus Beef, Chicken breast.

4. Giraffe – Southbank

A restaurant with stunning views over the River Thames where you can find awesome moments from the Southbank galleries and theatres. Many times, there’s always a queue but trust that it moves very fast.

You get the value for your money starting from the sumptuous international food, great service,  cool atmosphere,  friendly staff plus a great central location.

It offers a lively and family friendly dining experience.  It’s a perfect spot for a relaxed meal or quick bite while exploring the beauty of Southbank. It’s a child friendly restaurant, you can also choose to dine there, make an order or for delivery.

Venue: Royal Festival Hall, London

Allowance : £25

Shop hours:

Mon, Thu & Sun  09:00 am – 22:00 pm

Fri- Sat 09:00 am – 23:00 pm

Eatables: Giddy Giraffe, Halloumi,  Beefeater London Dry gin with basil and orange, vegan chocolate fudge cake, kabab

5. Black & Blue Waterloo

This restaurant offers a modern British & American Steakhouse experience that is not common among these restaurants. 

As a patron,  you should savour the different starters and main courses while enjoying a unique setting of the environment.

It presents its patrons a blend of premium cuts of meat, seafood  and seasonal ingredients.

It is a perfect place to eat out with friends,  have lunch with family, colleagues and also have a drink after work.

It promises you a satisfactory dining experience to savour delicious meals. You would definitely find yourself going back.

Venue: Megan Street, London

Allowance: £25

Shop hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 pm – 21:00 pm

Tue-Sat 12:00 pm – 22:30 pm

Eatables: T-bone Frites,Tortilla Chip, King Prawns

6. Okan South Bank London

Been a while you tasted mummy’s Meals? Or are you a food adventurer who loves to try  out new meals, especially Japanese cuisine? 

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Then you need to explore this restaurant with a positive vibe all the way from Japan to London.

Their authentic Japanese teppanyaki makes this restaurant a perfect place to visit.

However, if you are to visit the restaurant, make sure to book a seat in advance to get the most experience.

It promises a journey through the East Asia flavours,  making it a must-visit for every food adventurer coming to Southbank.

Venue: Belvedere Road, London

Allowance: £25

Shop hours: Daily 11:00 am – 22:00 pm

Eatables:  Yakitori, Sushi & Sashimi, Ramen, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki

7. Ping Pong Southbank London

Are you looking for a place to have lunch,  dinner,  drinks with friends  or have a party to throw? Ping Pong Southbank is there for you.

The aesthetically pleasing environment with a mix of cultural attractions and views keeps patrons coming.

Ping pong offers happy hour, pre theatre meals to customers, Ping Pong promises a beautiful dining experience that perfectly complements a day in South bank.

Everything about this restaurant is of top quality, make sure to check it out and drop them a positive review.

Venue: Southbank Centre, London

Allowance: £25

Shop hours:

Mon,Tue,Sun 12:00 pm – 22:00 pm

Wed – Thu 12:00 pm – 23:00 pm

Fri- Sat 12:00 pm – 23:30 pm

Happy hour: Mon- Fri 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Eatables: Prawn Crackers with Spicy mango sauce, rice vinegar and red chilli


Whether you are an adventurer or you just want to try out these restaurants, this article is to guide you to know the best place you can be for a unique experience that gives you fulfiness. While other people care so much about the ambiance that makes them feel so relaxed, a lot of people want the best place with great meals to while away.

This article covers all you need to know about the best places to have lunch, dinner in London.


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