Best Restaurants in London

7 Best Restaurants in London

Most restaurants that can be found in London are mainly in Central London, due to the population and also because it is one of the most visited parts of London by tourists, making the area the busiest in London. So, due to that nature, many chefs have migrated to open their restaurants in Central London.


With the area’s development, going from West London to North London by train won’t take up to an hour, making it easy for Londoners and tourists to visit other parts of the city without hassle.

Also, if you love to try dishes, especially intercontinental meals, searching for the best restaurants in London would be very hard due to the vast nature of the food business.

However, that shouldn’t be much of a worry because, in the article, we’ll do justice to it. In the list, we curated specifically for you, most of the restaurants you see in London are either newly opened, expensive-ticket, or most visited spots, but be sure that we give you the best list.

Whatever you pick from our list, you’ll be sure to have the best meal without limiting your spending.

Let’s look at the best restaurants in London, their opening hours, locations, and websites.

Top 7 Best Restaurants in London

  1. The Clove Club
  2. Lyle’s
  3. Chishuru
  4. Silo
  5. Chet’s
  6. Hide
  7. The Barbary

1. The Clove Club

The Clove Club is one of the best restaurants in London. It provides an aura of relaxation with fantastic dining sets arranged around the restaurant and beautiful flowers to give it a natural look. The restaurant is led by Chef-Patron Isaac McHale, who ensures that dishes are prepared adequately following a secret recipe to meet customers’ demands. The restaurant is
currently ranked 32nd in the world’s 50 best restaurants.

You can find unique cocktails, cult snacks, and dishes you have longed for in the restaurant. Not only that, many people troop in the evening after the close of working hours to relax with family and friends, but only some come alone. The restaurant is a 95-seater restaurant and bar.


The prices of their food range, but be sure that some of their dishes come with sizable bucks, making it easier for anyone to grab a dish after work or before going to work.

Also, one can make reservations before arriving, which means instead of coming to wait before your meal is prepared, you can make a call, and it will be done on or before your arrival.

The Location: The Clove Club, Shoreditch Town Hall, 380 Old Street,
London EC2

2. Lyle’s

Chef James Lowe oversees this restaurant and is dedicated to making it the best it can be. He was a former staff member at London’s seminal St John Bread and Wine and the Noma in Copenhagen, which is believed to be where he got his working expectations. The dishes at this restaurant change regularly. Before Lyle’s establishment, the place was formerly known as a Lipton tea factory opposite the Shoreditch BoxPark.

Although this restaurant’s menu varies, you can taste the popular, perfect asparagus, grilled and sprinkled with walnuts and Spenwood.

Address: Lyle’s, Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ

3. Chishuru

Are you wondering where to order cassava fritter, or are you a mushroom and uda mayonnaise lover? Then Chishuru is one of the best restaurants in London, which you should check out. However, when going, it’s essential to know that the acceptable currency is GBP, so if you’re a tourist from another country, do well to make an exchange at the bank.

They also offer intercontinental dishes, including African dishes. It is owned by Adejoke
Joke Bakare, who ensured that her business grew in London despite its competitive restaurant environment. Do you want to taste Ghanaian and Nigerian jollof to know which one is better? Then you can visit this restaurant to have a taste. The menu for this restaurant frequently changes with a rotation of no-frills dishes, such as Scotch bonnet sauce, bavette steak rubbed with yaji dressing, and ekuru with pumpkin-seed pestou.

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You can make reservations through their website, making it easy to eat a dish when you want it already prepared. Even though we know restaurants prepare dishes without anyone ordering,
from them, that is usually done with popular dishes. Still, if yours is an intercontinental meal, then reservations will assist you. Dishes here are paid with the GBP.

Address: Chishuru, 3 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 8AX

4. Silo

This restaurant was first opened by Douglas McMaster in Brighton in 2014 after it was called Silo. The food unit boasts wide-known collections and intercontinental dishes that keep food lovers glued to the restaurant. The dining sets are well arranged, giving off a ’90s vibe with a touch of modern beauty.

Chef Douglas moved Silo to become one of the best restaurants in London. If you would like to have a taste of tart sea buckthorn snow, pumpkin ice cream, and silky creme fraiche, then you should check out the Silo restaurant; this is one of their dishes that is highly demanded due to how it’s been prepared with Douglas’s recipe. You can also make reservations online, which makes the work easier,, so you don’t have to be delayed when you get to the restaurant. With reservations in check, you can place orders and much more.

Address: Silo, The White Building, Unit 7 Queens Yard, Hackney Wick,
London E9 5EN

5. Chet’s

This is also considered one of London’s best restaurants. It offers affordable dishes, and if you’re searching for any kind of food that does not cost hundreds of pounds, you’re in the right place. Here at Chet’s, no food is sold for more than £20, while glasses of wine start at £5, which is quite unbelievable in London, but sure it is. Due to its nature, many people patronise it because of the cheap prices.

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The restaurant boasts a vast collection of dishes, making it a spotlight for many Londoners and tourists who look for ways to satisfy their hunger. One popular demand here is the Chet’s Smash Burger.

Address: Chet’s, 65 Shepherd’s Bush Green, London, W12 8QE

6. Hide

Do you love Herdwick lamb cooked on the bone with smoked beetroot? This is the perfect spot to make your orders. Other unique dishes include roasted king crab with camomile honey, slow-roasted goose with sap, and barbecued Herdwick lamb. The restaurant also boasts of having the most extensive wine list in London.

In addition, they prepare local and international dishes you will love to try out later. To make it easier, you can make reservations through their website. Here, you will know what dishes are available to meet your demands. It is located in Mayfair, one of the most loved areas in London.

Address: Hide, 85 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7NB

7. The Barbary

This restaurant is owned by two former nightclub owners and two Israeli chefs. It boasts many food collections, making it one of the best restaurants in London.

It is close to Covent Garden, making it a hub where tourists buy food and chill out with loved ones. Are you a fan of smoked Labneh octopus? Then the Barbary is the perfect spot to get it. You can make reservations
online without having to stress about going there physically.

Their food is affordable, making it easier for people to buy without worrying about spending too much cash.

Address: The Barbary, 16 Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, London WC2

Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect place to eat in London takes a lot of work due to the many restaurants available. Our list captures the seven best restaurants in London, which you can check out if you are in London or visiting the city anytime soon. It is essential to know that the prices of dishes vary depending on what you are ordering. They also offer reservations, which make it easier for you


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