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What is Rick Astley Net Worth? Biography Explained  

The release of his single titled- Never Gonna Give You Up won Brit Award for Top British Single in 1988 and made a no. 1 hit in about 25 countries. 


In 1988, his Together Forever single ranked the top 10 songs on the UK singles music chart, also topping US Billboard Top 100.

He is a singer, songwriter and a radio personality born in Lancashire, England to Harace and Cynthia Astley. 

In 2003 he married a film producer, Lene Bausager, whom he met in 1987 when she was working with RCA as a promoter. They have a daughter Emilie Astley, who presently is a garden designer and a master’s degree holder in fine art.


When Rick was 10, he joined a local church choir where he began to sing. This inspired his love for music. 

While in school, he formed a number of local bands where he played the drums. During this time, he met David Morris who was a guitarist.

He left school at age 16 and picked up several jobs. He played drums at a club at night for bands like Give away and FBI. This kicked off his music career.


In 1985, Rick Astley was a member of FBI, a popular local music band which wrote and performed their own songs in pubs and clubs, where he performed as a drummer with Morris on the guitar.

Rick offered to become the lead singer of the band when the original lead singer decided to leave the band. As Astley performed as the lead singer, he was noticed by Pete Waterman, a record producer. 

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Rick began his pop music career with Pete Waterman records where he published his records under the supervision of Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, popularly known as Stock Aitken Waterman production team. 

His career came to light with the release of his first single When You Gonna Come in May 1987.

In August that same year, he released his solo song Never Gonna Give You Up which topped the British charts for weeks and became the highest selling single for the year. The song was a no. 1 hit worldwide, topping the chart in over 20 countries. It was also awarded the top British Single at the BPI awards in 1988.

Astley released other chart topping, national and international award winning singles and albums from the onset of his career to 1988.

In 1989, he left Stock Aitken Waterman and decided to explore a different style of music and his contract with PWL was bought by RCA records. 

In 1990, Astley continued his music career as a soul and adult contemporary musician which caused him to change his physical appearance.

His singles and albums maintained quality, reaching significant positions on the chart and winning awards.

In 1993, Astley took a seven year break from music and remained out of the spotlight during this period to focus on his family.

He returned to his music career in june 2000 with the release of four cover songs and a single Love This Christmas in November. 

He has continued to make a lot of visible progress and success in his music career till present.


Rick Astley Net Worth: How Rick Astley Make His Wealth

Before Rick took a break from music, 40 million copies of his records were sold all over the world. In 2007, he became more influential on the internet as the video of his Never Gonna Give You Up a popular meme – Rickrolling meme. After a year, he was nominated for an award as Best Act ever, which reached 1 billion views on YouTube in the year 2021. 

Rick also worked as a podcaster and a radio DJ at some point.


With a net worth of £12.1million. Rick is said to have earned his net worth through his numerous hit singles, his world tours and his viral Rickrolling meme.

His records have sold over 40 million copies of his songs across different nations of the world and from the onset of his career to the present, Astley has accumulated a myriad of both national and international awards, nominations and recognitions.

Although as at 2010 Rick had only received $12 performance royalty from YouTube on his Never Gonna Give You Up music video because he did not compose the song, he only received performer’s share, his over one billion views is predicted to have earned him about $2 million . As Its fame became more widespread and continuous, it is predicted that Rick must have received more earnings from it in recent years.

This caused a massive advancement in Rick’s wealth, making him a millionaire at age of 22 in 2016. 


In addition to music, Astley has also made several real estate investments securing valuable assets and Properties in strategic locations which contributed to his financial stability and overall net worth.

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He has also made other investments in business and entertainment.

Rick lives a quiet life with his wife in his home in East Molesey, Surrey close to the River Thames. 

The property has open green areas and a recording studio where Astley makes some of his music. 

The property has a fenced garden and double garage, a spacious dining room, utility room with an inbuilt store which leads to the kitchen and garage and a well spaced kitchen. It also has an inbuilt aquarium in one of the rooms, spacious living room with an in built fireplace.


Rick’s album and singles sales, live performances, streaming royalties, investments, business deals, concerts, awards and world tours significantly contributed to his net worth.


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