Lionel Richie Net Worth

Lionel Richie Net Worth and Biography

This article focuses on the biography and Net worth of a veteran entertainer of the media industry. 


Lionel Richie has released many songs in his career. Some of them even got to the position of the best song in the US. His talent for writing songs is something that will never fail to amaze people. 


His skill with this instrument secured him a position in the music group. This was when he first entered the music industry. He was also one of their main singers. 

From there, he got involved with other record labels such as Atlantic and Motown Records. As a member of the Commodores, Lionel Richie was involved in the release of several music albums which sold relatively well including Machine Gun. 

Lionel Richie over time got experience as a music artist and eventually learnt how to sing romantic songs such as Still and Easy. He also sang a song which could be considered as the perfect breakup song and it was titled Sail on. 

After many years of working with the Commodores, Lionel Richie finally branched out to write his very own song Happy People in the early 1970s which acquired many sales when it was released. This would mark the start of his successful music career. 

After the considerable success which the at the time upcoming songwriter and singer had, he started getting some song writing requests which he accepted and then he went ahead to write many more songs like Lady. In the following months, this song written by Lionel Richie became one of the best songs around and this can be considered the first major success the upcoming songwriter had. Eventually, Lionel Richie was summoned to take over the opening song for the movie Endless Love which he handled along with Diana Ross. 

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About a year after Lionel Richie partnered with Diana Ross, he went ahead to produce his personal Album which he named after himself ‘Lionel Richie’ this album contained hit songs like My Love, You Are and Truly. The song Truly reached the popularity level of the number 1 song in the United States while the album itself got to the level of number 3 album in the United States and millions of copies were sold. 

Following this massive success, Lionel Richie went ahead to release another album ‘Can’t Slow Down’ which astonishingly sold almost twice as much as his first album. This second album even went more viral than the first, enabling him to win his first Grammy Award and even win two awards at once. Lionel Richie could no longer be considered as a local singer and songwriter after this massive success. 

Lionel Richie eventually released more hit songs and partnered with many musicians during his career journey. He released more popular songs like Say You, Say Me which hit the United States number 1 music spot, Dancing on the Ceiling, Se La, Ballerina Girl, Stuck on You, Penny Lover and many more. 

Lionel Richie Net Worth

With a net worth of $200 million acquired through the songs he wrote, hit singles and popular albums which experienced massive sales around the world.

The famous artist’s mansion in Los Angeles has a value of over 26 million United States Dollars. His car collection includes a Porsche, Ferrari and a Mercedes which in total costs more than 5 million dollars. 

Besides earning a fortune in songwriting, Lionel Richie is also a judge in the American Idol show and he receives about 10 million dollars yearly from this venue. 

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Lionel Richie also has endorsement deals and he has a deal with Acrisure. His investment interests are usually with companies offering financial and business termed services. 

Family and Early Life of Lionel Richie

Brockman Lionel Richie Jr was born and raised in Alabama, 1949 to Lionel Brockman Richie Sr, a United States Army system analyst and Alberta Foster a woman who had a passion for teaching and was the principal of a school. His musical talent was most likely gotten from his grandmother who was a pianist strongly suited in Classical music. 

Lionel Richie has gotten married twice but has also been involved in a divorce twice. He has three children and was first married to Brenda Harvey in 1975, sadly, they divorced in 1993. Two years later, he got married again to Diane Alexander and about 9 years later, they also got involved in a divorce. 

He got divorced with Brenda after she assaulted him due to her anger upon catching him together with Diane Alexander in a room. Brenda Harvey was arrested after the physical attack on the artist. While, his divorce with Diane Alexander was as a result of their conflicting interests. 

After finishing high school, he attended college via a scholarship which he won due to his talent in tennis. He attended the Tuskegee Institute and finished with a degree in Economics and Accounting. 

Surprisingly, Lionel Richie had pursued the line of priesthood but eventually decided against it as he acknowledged his passion in music which he decided to pursue even though he had no basic knowledge on music yet. After much perseverance, he eventually made it big and became successful. 



Due to his age, Lionel Richie, one of the most popular musicians in the world doesn’t sing as much as he used to although he is still active in the media industry. His mark has been left on the world with famous songs like We are the World performed with Michael Jackson and Endless Love which he sang as a Duet with Diana Ross. 

Besides touring the world and dropping amazing musical pieces, Lionel Richie can also be found as a judge in the American Idol. This musical veteran has no plans on leaving the music industry just yet. 


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