Is Rod Wave Alive? Fact Check

Is Rod Wave Alive? Fact Check

Many have asked, “Is Rod Wave Alive” Well, he is alive and well. There have been numerous speculations about the YT star’s death.

Rod Wave has steadily become a force to reckon with. Honestly, through his rap, he amassed a whopping 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube as of the time of writing this post.

About two months ago, he released a new tune to entertain his fans and lovers across the globe, particularly in the United States.

Many have hit the internet and social media to find out if the raving YT star is alive or dead.

As explicated above, He is. There is no need to be afraid.

This hoax was peddled by individuals or groups who did not bother to check for facts.

In truth, many stars and influential personalities have heard the news of their death being circulated, and rest assured that Rod won’t be the last.

Rod has had legal issues twice in recent years; in 2022, for instance, he was arrested when an incident ensued between himself and his ex-girlfriend.

Another happened around April 2024. He was charged in court for having an unregistered firearm, making it illegal.

He was released when the court discovered he wasn’t a convicted criminal.

The latter issue is related to a gang shootout.

The 24-year-old rapper (born August 27th 1999), Rodarius Marcell Green, famously known as Rod Wave, has been through a very rough upbringing.

He has numerous soul-touching songs to his credit, many of which have reached the top charts in the state.

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