John Nettles Heart Attack

John Nettles Heart Attack: Dead or Alive? (Fact Check)

There have been numerous rumors b\about the current health status of the renowned English man and veteran actor, John Nettles. In this piece, we will elucidate and shine the brightest light on this matter.


First, for many who don’t know who he is; if you have ever seen or heard of the movie: Midsomer Murders, he was the Inspector Tom Bradly in that franchise. Before this movie, he had acted in other popular movies and taken on notable roles in those movies. 

For the sake of answering this precise question in this piece, we will keep his biography short and sweet.

Who is John Nettles?

John Vivian, Drummond Nettles (Vivian, right? I know) John Nettles or simply John for the sake of emphasis, was born in St Austell, Cornwall in 1943. Conspicuously, he is a very influential English actor. He is well read, bagging a degree in history and philosophy from the University of Southampton. 

Before and after his degree, John has always had an undetached passion for arts and drama. He delved into art soon after his degree in history. 

Well, enough of this talk…

Is John Nettles Dead or alive?

British Actor, John Nettles is very much alive. 

Although there have been many rumors and speculations about his health and if he is dead or alive. We are here to confirm that as of the time of writing this post, John is alive.

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John Nettles Heart Attack

John, Nettles is not fighting with heart attack disease.

Again, there have been many, in fact uncountable rumours that John has been battling with attack. Many of these speculations largely come from social media, particularly from people who have not seen him (or should I say, miss him on screen). Many want to know; well, there you have it folks, John Nettles is alive and well and is not battling with a heart attack

How do you fact-check?

First off, don’t believe anything you see or hear just yet, many of these rumours are only circulating around to terrify people. 

One important thing is to do your thorough research/finding about the “subject”. Know all you can before you admit into your mind the plausibility of that matter.

We often post truth cases on our site. If you need light on a particular matter you can leave it in the comments or send us a mail 


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