Best Western Boltons Hotel in London Kensington

Best Western Boltons Hotel in London Kensington

London is covered with many hospitality brands. From low-budget inns to upscale resorts, there is always something for you.


Hotel ratings give you a clear picture of the comfort and luxury the hotel offers. This Kensington gem, the Best Boltons Hotel in London, Kensington is a 4-star hotel. So, you get the best amenities without the huge bill.

Boltons Hotel is part of a chain of Best Western Hotels who have been in the hospitality scene for quite a while now. So, the management knows their onions. 

In this section, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Best Western Boltons Hotel. 

Best Western Boltons Hotel in London Kensington

  1. Location
  2. Amenities
  3. Accomodations
  4. Dining
  5. Event Facilities
  6. Service
  7. Nearby Attraction

Best Western Boltons Hotel in London Kensington

1. Location 

The hotel is located in the fine neighborhood of Kensington. This neighborhood is known for its link with royalty and many entertainment centers. Museums, stadiums, palaces and several other places are close by. This area is relatively quiet and you can see the beauty of the street trees during autumn. Additionally, the hotel is a few minutes walk from Earls Court underground station

Best Western Boltons Hotels is located in the residential area of Kensington. On  Penywern Road, you will see a magnificent white building from the victorian era with an awn that reads ‘The Boltons Hotel’. On entering the hotel, you enter the reception area. Where the staff checks your reservation and luggage. 

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If you want a getaway from your busy life, Boltons Hotel offers the right opportunity. The atmosphere is so serene and the staff is very attentive.

2. Amenities

The Boltons Hotel was recently renovated so everything is shiny and new. It has about four floors and over 70 sparse guest rooms. From the solo traveller to the group vacationers, there is a room for everyone. Before we get into that, let’s talk about the general perks that every hotel guest is entitled to.

The hotel offers free WiFi in all rooms as well as TV. So, you have access to your favorite shows. During the July and August heat stroke, you will love the air-conditioning. Most bedrooms have private bathrooms furnished with bathtubs and shower heads. You can also make a beverage with the mini beverage maker installed in every room.

3. Accomodations

As a Solo traveler, you can book the executive suite with its contemporary design, large sized bed, and Balcony. One of the downsides to this suite is the absence of a bathtub, the pristine bathroom only has a shower. If you choose the single room, you will get a view, shower head and bathtub. 

The family room has a shower and a bathtub but you won’t get a balcony. On the flip side, the double and single beds that grace the room make up for the view. So, if you are coming to London as a family and you want everyone to be in one room, then consider the family room.

An average family room may not be a great idea if you have a large family. So, the hotel made plans for the Deluxe Family suite and the family room for 3 Adults. You will still get multiple beds, a view and other perks.

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There are several other hotel rooms that will meet your needs. From the standard twin rooms to the compact double room, Boltons Hotel has a room that fits your needs.

 4. Dining Options

Unfortunately, the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant or dining options in the hotel. However, you will still be treated to a large English breakfast every morning. The meal leans on the Continental breakfast menu. So, you might get the classic beans and Eggs routine on one of those days. Cereals, fresh fruits and Coffee or tea usually follows this breakfast plan.

Luckily, the hotel is well located in the middle of several restaurants and dining options. Traditional pubs, dreamy cafes and upscale restaurants are within walking distance. So, everyday is a feast and every meal is an experience. You could also go for the popular afternoon tea affair in any of the restaurants close to you.

5. Best Western Boltons Hotel in London Kensington: Event Facilities

Apart from the workstation set up in almost all rooms, the hotel can help you with your large scale business meetings. The meeting room is spacious and brightly lit and the decor is minimal. Hence your guests are focused on their tasks and not distracted. Furthermore, there are intimate meeting rooms which you can use for small scale gatherings. There are larger halls that can be suitable for crowds. 

You can also get printing services at the hotel. The computer, printers, fax machine and others will boost productivity and help you.

6. Service

The hotel’s service is exceptional. From the moment you walk through the hotel’s doors, you will meet friendly staff members who will quickly offer their assistance. 

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As a 4-star hospitality center, the Boltons Hotel has 24 hours front desk service. So, noon, night or Twilight, there is always something who will help you with your enquiries. Its concierge service is a wealth of knowledge. 

You can quickly ask the team to plan your itinerary including your flight. But before all that, you can ask them to recommend the best restaurants that suit your budget and palette. Furthermore, local attractions and some trendy places that will not give you the tourist treatment are on their list. So, hurry up and start asking.

Luggage storage, Laundry and housekeeping are some of the understated services of the hotel.

7. Nearby Attractions

One of the things that makes this hotel appealing is it’s locality. While it is tucked away in a quiet environment, the bustling sites are a few walks away. 

You don’t necessarily have to leave Kensington before you enjoy the best of London. Museums, Parks, trendy boutiques, Art halls and many others are a few blocks away. 

You can take a stroll in Kensington Gardens, watch a live concert at Albert Hall, visit the exhibition center or go shopping. Kensington has all you need!


The Best Western Boltons Hotel in London Kensington is an oasis in the busy world we live in. For a luxurious stay with top-notch services, we recommend this remarkable hotel. Its location, services and provisions all make the hotel one of the best resorts London has to offer.


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