Best things to do in London Reddit

7 best things to do in London Reddit

Whether you want a mild fun experience or you want a high energy fun experience, London’s iconic attractions have the unique experience to paint your beautiful memories.


Our picks on the 7 best things to do in London Reddit consist of both educational and exciting activities, keep reading to discover them all.

7 Best things to do in London Reddit 

  1. Discover history at the British Museum 

2  Tour Kensington Palace  Gardens

3. Take a walk on Tower Bridge

4. Create beautiful memories in Hyde Park 

5. Visit Big Ben.

6. Explore borough market 

7. Watch a show in west end 

Best things to do in London Reddit 


This public museum is centered around human history, art and culture. It keeps records of human culture from the onset to the current.

You can go on a guided tour  to explore the galleries across all the interesting departments contained in the museum and learn various human stories that you could never have imagined.

You can have an afternoon tea or experience the Bible stories you have read or read come alive like you are right in it with a half day Bible study tour which shows you all the artifacts related to the stories.

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Location: Great Russell street, London

Ticket: Free 

Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday: 10 am–5 pm

Every Friday:10 am–8:30 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10 am–5 pm


This is a unique street in London where royals and notable families reside.

You can take a guided tour along the upper grounds which features the statue of Diana in the sunken garden, the princess of Wales or the  lower grounds which features the beautiful sight of the meadow.

You can also shop Kensington Palace gifts and jewelries which all drew inspiration from the palace’s rich royal past and present stories or shop the official guide book where you can learn about all the royals who live there.

Location: Kensington street, London 

Ticket: £12 – £26 

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday; 10am – 6pm


This bridge is a unique one with a mechanism which allows it to lift and split to allow sea transport.

Enjoy a broad view of London sky lines and the beauty of the River Thames as you walk over the tower bridge.

Experience the magnificence of the bridge lift when it allows ships to pass through, or walk on the glass walkway inside the bridge that overlooks the River Thames. Also visit the bridge’s engine rooms to experience the mechanism behind the bridge lift.

Location: Tower bridge Road, London

Ticket: £5 – £13

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday; 9:30am – 6pm


Hyde park is a perfect fun place for all ages. It is the largest public park in London, divided by the long water and serpentine lakes. 

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The whole of Hyde park is an adventure, from the boat ride on serpentine lake or a swim in the lake to admiring the beauty of the Rose Garden, the park’s charm is a memory to remember.

Have a picnic with your loved ones near the Italian Fountain or the Round Pound and experience the beauty of nature.

Explore games, live events, shopping and many other fun things to do in the park.

Location: London,

Ticket: Free 

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday; 5 am–12 am


Embark on a tour round the Ben ben and enjoy beautiful and Panasonic views in a one hour thirty minutes guided tour.

The fun at Big Ben is worth every second spent, from climbing 334 stairs to viewing the clock bells behind the majestic clock tower.

Every visitor has a beautiful story to tell about this place. When next you visit London ensure to spice up your stay with the Panasonic views at Big Ben.

Location: Westminster, London

Ticket: £15 – £20

Opening hours:

September – June

Monday – Sunday; 9:15am – 4:30pm

6.  Best things to do in London Reddit: EXPLORE BOROUGH MARKET

Borough market is the largest and oldest street food market hall in Southwark.

It is best to do so with your stomach empty because you definitely do not want to miss out on any of the amazing dishes prepared and served there.

Be welcomed with the different tempting smell of food as you enter the market where you can enlightened your taste buds with an array of foods to explore, from traditional dishes to foreign dishes every taste is a unique experience.

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You can take a 2 hours 30 mins guided walking tour through the market tasting and learning about its different kinds of foods and learn about the sellers.

You can also enjoy a behind the scenes private tour with friends or family or enjoy a personal shopping experience.

Location: Borough Market, London 

Ticket: Free 

Opening hours: 

Tuesdays -Thursdays: 10 am–5 pm

Every Friday: 10 am–5 pm

Every Saturday: 9 am–5 pm

Every Sunday: 10 am–4 pm


Have you thought of a better place to have a beautiful time out with friends and family on your next visit to London? 

The West end has all you need to have a great time in London. It is popular for its theater shows and musical hit plays and productions.

It also accommodates almost all the top attractions of London, from museums to London zoo and aquarium or the amazing tour areas and Royal grandeurs.

Location: London, 

Ticket: £40 – £141

Opening hours:

Monday- Friday; 9am – 5pm

Saturday – Sunday; Closed


There are numerous things to do for fun in London. Every location creates a special memory of goodness, making your time out an unforgettable experience.


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