Lagos High Rise Buildings that Dominate its skyline

Lagos High Rise Buildings that Dominate its skyline

Welcome to Lagos, the city of diverse personalities and Skyrise Buildings. When you take a cursory look around the city, you will notice its prominent features: High buildings and the water bodies that aren’t far from them. 


While some of these buildings were the best in their days, they still hold significant value as new infrastructures are constructed.  

From the shores of Lagos; These are the Lagos High Rise Buildings that Dominates its skyline

Lagos High Rise Buildings that Dominates its skyline

  1. NECOM House
  2. Union Bank Building
  3. Eko Tower II
  4. Famfa Oil Tower
  5. Eko Champagne Pearl Tower
  6. Eko Black Pearl Tower
  7. Civic Center Tower
  8. King’s Tower

1. NECOM House

NECOM House served as the telecommunications stronghold of Lagos. It was built in the late 1900s to cater to the communication needs of the state and it stands at 520 feet with 32 floors. 

At the completion of Necom House, it was the tallest building in Western Africa. Its architectural design was absolutely magnificent. The ground floors and lower sections were dedicated to administrative assignments while the top floors house massive telecommunication equipment.

Beyond the shores of Lagos, this iconic building regulated the telecommunication of other nearby cities like Ibadan and Abeokuta.

Unfortunately, the face lift that ran through the Telecommunications sector reduced the significance of this building- though it still renders telecommunications services. 

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Still, it is one of the sought after locations in Marina Road, Lagos island. When you walk past the building on a busy weekday, you will notice several businesses and companies have taken up shop in its infrastructure. 

Height: 160m/ 520ft

2. Union Bank Building

Union Bank is not a strange name to any Nigerian resident and its impressive building at Marina Road, Lagos Island is admired by many. Standing at 407 ft and holding 28 floors, it is the only financial headquarters of that height.

The skyscraper was completed in the late 19’s and has been a major financial center since its opening. Its architectural design consists of clean rectangular lines and spacious offices, prevalent in those days. It’s exterior is a fine blend of glass and concrete which adds to its appeal

The Union Bank Building was constructed at the time Lagos was the Capital of Nigeria. So, it served as the Headquarters for all operations in Union Bank. 

Banking operations that occur in this building include customer service, financial conferences, administrative operations, and several others.

Height: 124m/ 407ft

3. Eko Tower II

This is a finished project of the Eko Atlantic development which was launched to improve housing conditions in Lagos. 

It serves as a blend for several businesses and sectors. The architectural design consists of geometric lines and glittering glass. This draws your eyes to the building during the day and gives it a glow at night. 

Standing at 387 ft with 27 floors, you will find large office spaces, conference halls, top-notch security, swift elevators and fantastic lodging in this Victoria-island building.

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Although Eko Tower II could best be described as an all purpose business center, there is a pool and other leisure facilities there. So, visit this remarkable building for an unforgettable and luxurious business retreat or conference. Its lighting, security, hospitality, amenities and design is top-notch.

Height:118m /387 ft

4. Famfa Oil Tower

Famfa Oil Tower is the headquarters of Famfa Oil Limited- coordinated by the Alakija’s- one of Nigeria’s wealthy families. The tower serves as the center of operations for all significant activities at Famfa Oil. 

Standing at the center of Ikoyi with a height of 338 ft and 20 floors, Famfa Oil Tower serves as a major commercial center. You can get office space and even event halls in this serene environment. A gymnasium, helipad and several other amenities are available on its grounds. 

Height: 103m/338 ft

5. Eko Champagne Pearl Tower

This is one of 5 high rise buildings which dominate the skyline of Lagos. It was completed in 2017 and offers accommodations for many things including offices, diners, homes, restaurants and many more. This building is located close to Victoria Island in Lagos and it measures at a whooping height of about 330 feet. The construction of this magnificent structure was Coordinated by South Energyx Nigeria Ltd. While it was developed by Elias Saad Leading Association Nigeria.

Height: 134m/ 440 ft 

6. Eko Black Pearl Tower

This tower is also another part of 5 high rise buildings dominating the skyline of Lagos. This building was completed before the champagne tower in 2016. Main purpose of this building just like the champagne tower was designed to provide many sources of accommodation for various citizens. Homes, retail shops, restaurants and offices are in this high rise building. The building stands at 270 feet and was also Coordinated by South Energyx Nigeria Ltd. Also, it was developed by Elias Saad Leading Association Nigeria. The Eko black pearl tower, while not as tall as the champagne tower, is magnificent in its own right. 

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Height:112m/367 ft

7. Civic Centre Tower (Lagos High Rise Buildings that Dominate its skyline)

This 16 floor massive building which reaches a height of about 250 feet belongs to successful businessman Uzor Christopher and it was completed in 2015. The building is located a short distance away from Victoria island. The main purpose of the Civic Centre Tower was to be used as an office building. However the massive structure is occasionally used as a recreational center too as well as a residential address. 

Height: 90m/ 300 ft

8. King’s Tower (Lagos High Rise Buildings that Dominate its skyline)

This massive structure was completed in 2019 by ITB Nigeria which was the major contractor responsible for the building and Messrs Sky View Towers Limited, the company in charge of developing the building. The building has about 15 floors and reaches an impressive 220 feet. King’s Tower is located in Ikoyi, Lagos. It is used for residential as well as commercial center. Houses, apartments and retail shops can be found in this high rise building. 

Height: Estimated 66m/ 217 ft


Lagos skyrise buildings are some of the largest in Nigeria and in Africa. You’ll definitely be impressed by these structures when you stand in front of them. Besides just standing before them, take your time to go inside the building, explore the massive structure and climb all the way to the top. 

Peer out and enjoy the brilliant aerial view of Lagos State that is only possible in this highrise buildings. You will definitely be amazed by the view from the highest accessible point of these buildings. 


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