Origin of Tinubu Square

Origin of Tinubu Square

When you walk through the streets of Lagos Island, you will find Tinubu square at Broad street. This monumental structure has been a symbol of freedom, progress and unity in the state. 


Its large space accommodates a large crowd so the square is synonymous with political affairs. Fortunately, the square is open to everyone. So, you can visit this site even if you have no political intentions.

This square which was initially known as independence Square was dedicated to Late Madam Efunroye Tinubu- one of Lagos’ richest merchants years back. It  was dedicated to her because of her political, financial and social prowess as well as her role in slave trade. 

The Square

Tinubu Square is an open space containing more than 1800 square meters of land. Within its grounds are several functional fountains which flow differently. Some of them flow like sprinklers while others gush out. As you walk along the park, you will see other fountains and the sculpture of the reading man which explains the number of readers who visit the square.

At the end of the fountain is the structure of Madam Efunriye Tinubu on a platform. Before you get to this spot you must have seen several ornamental plants and benches for your pleasure. Several rain-washed concrete seats are also opposite the fountains. There, you will likely meet people who took a break from their  busy day to soak in the beauty of nature. 

The square is a quiet place for reading, so don’t be surprised to see book lovers hiding behind a tree while they peruse their favorite books.

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On the other side of the fountain lies Kokoro the blind drummer and the dancing maiden. Kokoro was a splendid drummer in his days who graced the parties of Lagos Island. 

Tinubu Square is an educational and tourist hotspot for both visitors and residents of Lagos state. So, if you are interested in getting first hand experience on Lagos’ culture and the history of Nigeria, check out this square. 

Amalgamation at Tinubu Square

Before the cries for freedom and the political rallies that the square witnessed, there was a significant event which changed the trajectory of many regions. 

This was the merging of the Northern and Southern regions in 1914. This merger led to the inception of the nation, Nigeria. Previously, Sir Lord Lugard, the man who would initiate this union was having challenges with the Southern regions and the travelling distance between the north and the south was overwhelming. 

So, to ensure his administration ran smoothly, Fredrick Lugard orchestrated this unification at the Tinubu Square in 1914.

Functions and Events

Over the years, Tinubu square has developed from its initial design into a symbol of cultural heritage in Lagos. Various festivals and cultural activities are held in the square. Rapid urban development was also done as new and improved roads, corporate buildings were also made. This eventually led to the formation of commercial centers around the square for convenience to workers. 

Tinubu Square has occasionally been used as a political avenue for party gatherings and rallies. Conservation efforts have been suggested to decide on how best to preserve the cultural symbol that is Tinubu Square. There have also been movements to bring back lost cultural symbols to the square. 

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Landmarks of Tinubu Square

Around Tinubu Square, there are also many prominent landmarks which contribute to the high level of traffic around the area. Some of these landmarks are Lagos central mosque, a spot which evokes a large gathering of the Muslim community, central business district which is a major hub for buying and selling as well as the location of various offices and the likes.

Tafawa Balewa Square, another important cultural landmark popular for the events and festivals held there and Lagos City Hall which is the representative building of the Lagos Island local government are also nearby.

With all these famous and important places close, it is no wonder the large traffic along the square. Pedestrians, workers, businessmen and tourists move around this square on a daily basis, going about their private business.

Origin of Tinubu Square: Impact on Nigeria

Due to how much of a cultural symbol Tinubu Square is, various events are usually held here including political rallies, cultural festivities, community meetings and even the national day celebrations. 

If this square was absent or destroyed, no doubt revenue from tourism will definitely take a hit as well. This is because Tinubu Square is one of the best tourist centers in Lagos as it symbolizes the battle for independence which Nigerians fought. The Square attracts tourists from far and wide, within Africa and outside Africa. 

Occasionally, foreigners can be seen taking pictures in strategic spots around the square. Tinubu Square is a really important landmark of Lagos in commerce, culture, finance and even politics. 

Over the years, numerous political events have been carried out in this square. Among the numerous events some notable ones are presidential speeches by newly elected presidents of Nigeria, ceremonies that serve as a reminder to Nigerians of our freedom from British rule. 

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Political rallies by political parties to gather members of the public who will vote for them and even protests by dissatisfied members of the public against tyrannical rule by the government. 

Potential Dangers

Despite how important this cultural landmark is, Tinubu square faces risk of being lost in time due to various factors among which are breach of space due to rapid development of Lagos State; neglect due to citizens focus on other aspects of life; wear and tear due to environmental factors like erosion, floods and so on; and finally lack of financial resources as a steady stream of income which is not available is needed to constantly maintain the integrity of the square. 

All these factors and more put the existence of Tinubu Square in danger. If this square which is a very important symbol of Lagos’ culture is lost, a major part or history of our culture will be lost also. We must all strive to preserve it as long as we possibly can. 


Tinubu Square brings a whole lot of advantages to Lagos, it helps in giving an avenue for cultural events, infrastructure development (residential areas, offices, restaurants, diners and eateries), protests, rallies and speeches and most especially, it is a major site of tourism. 

This square also marks the period of amalgamation between the northern and southern protectorate, forming our current country Nigeria. 

If you find yourself in Lagos, either you go visiting, touring or just taking a rest from work, ensure to visit Tinubu Square and witness this magnificent cultural landmark with your own eyes. You would not want to miss this. 


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