How to Watch Wrestling 

How to Watch Wrestling Matches

Nowadays, there are numerous ways you can watch a wrestling match without breaking a sweat or facing the hassle of getting a match ticket (that is if you are an introvert). The internet and technology have provided many easy ways for lovers of wrestling. 


In this piece, I’ll elucidate the number of ways you can watch a wrestling match. Some are free, and others will be paid for.

Before we delve into this explanation, understand that wrestling matches are the United States Entertainment and are mostly aired on the USA cable networks.

Without further ado, let’s get into the explanation.

What is Wrestling?

For the sake of many who already know what wrestling is about, I’ll keep this explanation short, direct and sweet. 

Wrestling is a sport that involves opponents (2 or more) combating one another. The goal of wrestling matches is to get a professional advantage over the opposition. It involves kicking, punching, throwing and many other rigorous physical activities.

Who can participate in Wrestling matches?

Personally, I think if you are not above 18. I think you should sit this one out. Haha, just kidding. In wrestling matches, there are numerous people who can participate. In the United States, the platform is given to people who are 14 and above.  Regardless, this group of people are usually referred to as junior wrestlers. At this point, they are not invited to the “main stage”. 

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How to watch wrestling?

I’ll be straight, there are a lot of ways you can watch any wrestling match on the go or while at home. These ways include;

  1. The Television
  2. Online Streaming
  3. Online Platforms
  4. Live Events

1. The Television:

The first source that is globally used to watch wrestling matches is the TV. Promotions like; World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the All Elite Wrestling (AWE) promote these shows on TV networks like; TNT, FOX, etc. 

2. You can stream online:

These days, you can stream any live show. For wrestling, you can decide to opt in for the pay-per-view live events. One notable streaming platform is Peacock.

3. Watch it on Online platforms:

More often than not, platforms like; YouTube, and the WWE’s official website make this available 

We have mentioned ways you can watch it without breaking a sweat or having physical contact. However, if you love the thrill of scenes and want to have more, the last tip is for you.

3. Go to the live event:

This tip simply means you can go grab yourself a ticket and enjoy the thrill of being there yourself, see the live action and get to socialize with wrestling lovers like yourself.


    We hope this helped. Again,  there are numerous ways to watch wrestling, and the above-mentioned is sure to help you love your favourite wrestling match. 


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