Best Ottolenghi Restaurants In London 

7 Best Ottolenghi Restaurants In London 

Curious about finding the best Ottolenghi Restaurants in the city of London? Together we will explore some amazing restaurants that will give you a dining experience while maintaining their fresh meals that suit your taste buds.


Here is a compilation of the best Ottolenghi Restaurants in London 

7 Best Ottolenghi Restaurants In London 

1 Ottolenghi Spitalfields- London 

2 Ottolenghi Islington

3 Ottolenghi Marylebone

4 Rovi Restaurant Ottolenghi 

5  Nopi Ottolenghi

6 Notting Hill Restaurant 

7 Hampstead Ottolenghi’s London 

Best Ottolenghi Restaurants In London 

1.  Ottolenghi   Spitalfields  – London

Situated in a great neighbourhood where it offers a simple concept  where you can have two to three salad choices . The restaurant is very spacious with a nice aesthetic of clean white surface . 

Meals made out of the finest ingredients giving great flavours, customer service is fast and efficient. 

Meals are gluten free, patrons have access to the bar, chef’s table, weekend brunch and delivery. 

Their cooked breakfast is served between 12pm -1pm on Sundays.

This restaurant gives you the overall dining experience which you should try out.

Location: Artillery lane, London 

Budget: £26-£40

Business hours:

Breakfast (usually): Monday-Friday 8 am -12 pm

Sat-Sun 9 am – 12 pm

Lunch: Mon-Fri 12 pm -3 pm 

Sat 12:15 pm -3 pm

Sun 1:15 pm -4 pm



Mon-Sat 5:30 pm-10:30 pm

2.  Ottolenghi   Islington

Established in Islington, London and opposite the Almeida, is known for its creative style of dining. Menus made of fine seasonal ingredients making the food delightful to your taste buds, sight and palate. 

Location: Upper street, London 

Budget: £74

Business hours:

Every Sundays 9:00 am – 7:00 pm prompt

Mon-Sat  8:00 am – 10:00 pm

3.  Ottolenghi    Marylebone

In this location, you would find their inviting space which is softened with a cosy natural finish. Guests can dine in their nine seat communal table, which is always available on a walk in basis, patrons can also request for catering and take away. 

The restaurant customer service is effective and friendly, foods are delicious as expected even though they are on the high price. 

Patrons also have access to a small selection of wines to take away.

On your next visit, choose the main course from spiced chicken pie with cauliflower. There are also pantry items you should stock up on or try recreating the Ottolenghi foods at home.

Location: Marylebone Lane, London 

Budget: £30

Business hours: 

Sun-Sat  8 am – 7 pm

4.  Rovi Restaurant  – Ottolenghi 

Rovi Ottolenghi stands as a symbol of modern cooking , giving you a delicious experience that highlights the goodness of vegetables and the skills of  sustainable cooking. 

Location: Wells Street, London 

Budget: £25-£124

Business hours:

Sun – Sat   12pm-3pm;   5pm – 10:30pm  

5.  Nopi   Ottolenghi

Popularly known as North of the Picaddly, owned by Ottolenghi is a fancy restaurant in Soho that also has a Michelin star. Their food menu is a mix of middle eastern, Asian and Mediterranean flavours. The structure looks modern and standard which is a nice location to have your brunch and lunch.

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Everything about the restaurant is outstanding — customer service, great ambience, delicious dining experience makes it difficult for patrons not to go there on a daily basis. 

This is a great place to find yourself in for a great dining experience with friends and family.

Location: Warwick Street, London 

Budget: £51-£93

Business hours:

Sun 12pm -4pm

Mon-Sat 11:30pm -3pm ; 5pm -10:30pm 

6.  Notting    Hill   Restaurant

This eatery offers a unique dining experience for diners from the moment they step into the building, welcomed by the warm inviting environment, simple and elegant decor that uses a mix of modern art and traditional design making it more stylish and comfortable.

If it’s a romantic dinner with your date, the restaurant atmosphere is the best place for your outing.  Their mouthwatering menu is a selection of the classic British flavours to the international cuisine that is prepared to satisfy every palate. 

They also use fresh ingredients directly from the local farmers where their chefs craft out a masterpiece from the vegetables into something creative for the diner’s taste buds. 

They also have a selection of fine wine, so even if you are a novice, their staff are knowledgeable enough to introduce what wine to take alongside your meal course.

This eatery is a must visit destination for every food lover who is looking to book a table and experience the magic of Notting hill.

Location: Ledbury Road, Notting hill, London 

Budget: £74

Business hours:

Sun 8pm -6pm 

Mon-Sat  8pm -7pm 

7.  Hampstead   Ottolenghi’s   London

A cosy area known for preparing delicious meals. The smell of fresh breads, colourful salad and dessert hits your nostrils making you want to grab a bite. 

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The staff at Ottolenghi are friendly and helpful and always ready to help you pick what you want. The beautiful ambience is also classic and modern making their diner have a nice dining experience.

If you are stopping by at the restaurant for a quick bite or staying for a meal with friends, this is a favourite eating spot for people who love good food with great ambience and atmosphere.

Location: Rosslyn Hill, London 

Budget: £25

Business hours: Daily 24/7


What you are still waiting for a visit to Ottolenghi is a visit to experience a fulfilled time out that you deserved. Serve your cravings right today by locating one in the city of London for a unique experience that stands out.


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