Best Restaurants Near Tower of London 

7 Best Restaurants Near Tower of London 

London is a place filled with varieties of restaurants that serve customer’s wants and needs with a selection of restaurants that cater to every  palate and preference. 


Each restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience in the city of London, whether seeking elegance, international taste, casual flavours,  these restaurants thereby invite you to an adventure through their culinary skills and cuisines to immerse yourself with.

Whether you are new to the city of London, you’re in for a great treat when you visit any of the renowned restaurants mentioned below. 

Unarguably, the best places to visit to rewind and have the feeling of home away from home; feeling of both being at the right place at the right time and royal treat to customers satisfaction.

Below are lists of the 7 best restaurants near the Tower of London you can visit.

7 Best Restaurants Near Tower of London 

1. The Ivy Tower Bridge 

2. Shakedown bar and restaurant tower bridge-London 

3. The Byward kitchen and bar 

4. The Vine

5. New Armouries Café 

6. Gaucho tower bridge-London 

7. Natural Kitchen Angel court 

Best Restaurants Near Tower of London 

1. The Ivy Tower Bridge 

An exceptionally different and vibrant restaurant with awesome & dynamic rooms that would make you marvel. 

Known for serving modern British and international classic  dishes. Not too noisy and also very close to the station.

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Excellent service, spectacular views which you would surely have a nice time spending your day in the streets of London.

You’re surely in for a treat that would always make you reminisce for a long time within and exits that make you always feel at home. 

Location :Tower bridge, London

Prices: £26-£40 

Eatables:  pie, cheese soufflé

Shop hours :

Mon–Thu 08:00 am –22:00 pm

Fri 08:00 am –22:30 pm 

Sat 09:00 am –22:30 pm

 Sun 09:00 am–21:30 pm

2. Shakedown bar and restaurant tower bridge-London 

Found near the tower bridge, you are offered a range of British dishes for all occasions. A place where you can have dinner with your family, and a casual drink with friends and colleagues.

Service is very attentive and well detailed. Environment aesthetic is very cool and very attractive 

This restaurant appeals to those looking for a lively dining experience in the Shakedown bar and restaurant. 

Location: Queen Elizabeth Street, London

Price range: £26-£40

Eatables: prosecco brunch, Shakedown afternoon tea,grilled garlic butter grilled prawn 

Shop hours


Mon–Fri 07:00–11:00

Sat  07:30–11:30 


Mon–Fri 12:00–16:00 


Sat, Sun 12:00–14:30 


Daily 16:00–21:30

3. The Byward kitchen and bar

A place where you will be impressed by the quality of food and standards of service. Their English breakfast is of great taste, a great spot located near the tower with really nice decor.

It provides its guests with a taste of modern prepared dishes especially for those seeking a dining experience in London. 

An oasis of calm in the midst of hustle and bustle in The central location is a perfect view for guests and a good transport link for all travellers of all points. You should definitely try out this small space in London.

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Location : Byward street, LONDON

Price range : £9-£24

Eatables: classic fish and chips, roasted sweet potatoes, parsley and paprika

Shop hours : 

Mon – Sun 

9:00 am- 5:00 pm

4. The Vine 

Looking for where you can host a private event? This restaurant has a small cosy space for celebration.

A favourite restaurant with great exuberance and a renowned inn open both for awesome dinner parties and royal breakfast experience, always open to accommodate new, old and best friends thirsty for elegance and place for memorable reunion.

known for its British-flavoured menus and goes all out to satisfy their customers regardless of what pleasure they seek.

The restaurant’s committed to offer delicious dishes,  and is environmentally conscious to diners who appreciate quality and innovation making it an unforgettable meal experience for them. 

Location: Highgate road, London 

Price range : £40

Eatables: roast beef, nut roast, halloumi bites

Shop hours: 


Mon–Sat 12:00–17:00 


Mon–Sat 12:00–21:45 

Sun 12:00–20:45

5. New Armouries Café

A nice café with a small selection of soups, croissants, although not cheap to buy, don’t expect otherwise in this location considering you are visiting a tourist attraction. They have a consistent, friendly and helpful team who can help with your complaints.

It also has a captivating decor with plenty of spacious seating and a wide range of food choices available.

Varieties of menus can be found in this restaurant that would change your perspective about your bad experience at any restaurant.

Location: Tower of London Hill, London

Price range : £5-£20

Eatables: Mac and cheese, butter cookies, mushroom soup, victoria sponge.

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Shop hours: 

Daily 9:00 am -10:00 pm

6. Gaucho tower bridge-London 

If you still struggle to get a better view, then gaucho tower bridge is at your rescue. 

A perfect location for their guests to enjoy their evening dining with a beautiful view across the river Thames.

Perfect for a date night with unreal view, excellent service, friendly and polite staff, great pre- theatre dinner at the gaucho tower bridge.

Always expect quality whenever you visit this restaurant.

This restaurant is more appealing to music enthusiasts and tourists looking for fun and a casual dinner. 

How do I make you gush over this restaurant without you visiting? A trial will surely make you wonder where you’ve been and what you’ve been missing.

Location: More London River, Southwark, London 

Price range : £41

Eatables: cheese roll, T-bone, parsnips and carrots.

Shop hours

Mon–Fri, Sun 12:00–22:00 

Sat 17:00–22:00

7. Natural Kitchen angel court 

If you are a frequent visitor to this restaurant, you wouldn’t be surprised about the quality of food and standards of service they offer their patrons. 

Its sleek and aesthetic backdrops which are well detailed makes everything for its patrons have an unforgettable dining experience.

You’ll find amazing and fascinating cuisines that will leave you in agape and thirst for more. 

Location: Copthall avenue, London

Price range : £25

Eatables: organic sourdough bread, sticky red rice, coconut & mango sorbet.

Shop hours: 

Mon- Fri 7:00 am -11:00 pm


These restaurants are designed with a mix of American, British-European cuisines. They all cater for those seeking a taste of different food flavours. Their attentive services and stylish decors makes it a favoured choice for both locals and tourists alike.

Each of these restaurants offers unique culinary experiences and preferences for diners in London. Whether seeking for casual ambience, International flavours,  there’s something to suit every palate among these restaurants.

Make sure to check out the listed restaurants above.


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