Best Acting Schools in London

7 Best Acting Schools in London

There is a large amount of career opportunities available to all who desire it in London. Do you seek a job or simply want to chase your passion? The bustling city of London can offer you anything you want. 


Countless job chances are training opportunities are available to interested individuals so that they can hone their skills. There is an added advantage in attending an acting school. These schools aim to teach learners the basics and complex areas of acting. In this article, the 7 Best Acting Schools in London will be discussed and you can look for the one which is best for you. 

Most of these acting schools were created a good 100 years ago and they have a long rich history. Successful actors and actresses have also come out of many of these schools. 

7 best Acting Schools in London

1. (LAMDA) London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

2. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

3. Rose Bruford College

4. Guildhall School of Drama

5. Central School of Drama

6. Fourth Monkey

7. Mountview

Best Acting Schools in London

1. London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. 

This acting school is located at Barons Court London. Facilities to help students learn skills necessary for acting are readily available. 

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LAMDA has three theaters which are available to students. In these theaters, training and rehearsals are constantly ongoing. Various actors who are in high demand have their roots in this school. These actors have won countless awards from high rated movies. 

Benedict Cumberbatch who acted as Doctor Strange has a very deep connection with this school of drama. Anya Chalotra, a popular actor who acted in the Witcher also came from this school. 

Tuition fee: £9000

2. Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 

There are a wide range of services and training programs ongoing in this school both graduate and undergraduate, you can get them all here. The school has a lot of experienced personnel as it was formed as far back as  1904 on Gower Street, London. 

RADA has about 5 theaters where students are trained, a cinema for actors in training to view more experienced actors in action and learn where they need to improve themselves at. There is also a library containing various works on acting, screenplay, art and many more.

Famous actors from this school with the movies they acted in are Gemma Arterton from the movie; Clash of the Titans, Jonas Armstrong from the movie; Robin Hood, Richard Attenborough from the movie; Jurassic Park, Mark Addy from the movie; Game of Thrones and so much more. 

Tuition fee: £9500

3. Rose Bruford College

Situated in Bexley, London, this acting school was built in 1950 and training programs in acting, Theatre arts and stage practices are offered. 

In its early days, this campus was maintained almost completely by grants. However it is currently one of the best acting schools in London, capable of standing on its own feet. Multiple expansion projects have been done in this school, raising it to the level it currently is. 

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Popular actors who hailed from this school are: Tom Baker, Hayley Squires, Mathew Baynton, Gary Oldman, and many others. 

Tuition fee: £9,250

4. Guildhall School of Drama

In this school, interested persons can undergo undergraduate and postgraduate acting training. You can rest assured as experienced directors and teachers can be found here. The school was formed in 1880, Silk Street London. 

There are many available facilities for training in acting. Theaters are available in this school with spaces reaching upto 220 seats and another with 120 seats. There is also a drama Theatre, a hall for Opera training and many other training facilities available. Hone your acting skills to the peak in this college. 

Popular successful actors who have graduated from here are Naveen Andrews – Lost, Hayley Atwell – Captain America: The First Avenger, Kingsley Ben-Adir – Barbie, Edna Best – The man who knew too much, Orlando Bloom – Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings.

Tuition fee: £9,200

5. Central School of Drama

In an attempt to adapt to the times, this school is planning to renovate their structure to upgrade from the vintage design to something more modern. This school also has a decent stadium for drama practice.

Elsie Fogerty was the founder of this school in 1906 at Embassy Theatre, London

Successful movie stars who graduated from here are Razaaq Adoti, Riz Ahmed, Rodney Ackland, Joss Ackland, Naana Agyei-Ampadu and many more.

Tuition Fees: £9,100

6. Fourth Monkey

 This drama school is very young when compared to the others. You can locate this school on Seven Sisters Road, London and it was built in 2010, a farcry from other acting schools built in the 1900s

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Despite being considerably young, this drama school has managed to accomplish a lot in its 14 years of activity. The school has managed to acquire a lot of awards won from the talent of actors. 

Tuition fee: £800

7. Best Acting Schools in London: Mountview

Mountview is another very popular high quality drama school founded in Peckham Hill, London and developed in 1945, it has a very rich history. 

This school provides special training offers to students. This has led to production of high class movie stars like Alecky Blythe, the Kelly Adams, Glynis Barber, Mina Anwar, Julie Atherton, etc. the list is endless. 

Tuition fee: £9,500


Acting is a pretty good profession as the entertainment industry especially the movies aspect is in high demand in this Era. Getting sufficient and proper training on how to comport yourself on stage is a very big deal as it will help your career soar to great heights. These drama schools will teach you all you need to know about acting to make a successful theatre career. 


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