Best Dentists in London

The 7 Best Dentists in London

The medical team in London is exceptionally talented. Surgeons, General Practitioners, Paediatricians, and several others. Their training and experience emphasizes their value and the incredible work they do. 

This also applies to Dentists, the unsung heroes of our lives. Consistently shielding us from bad breath, cavities and every anomaly that plagues our confidence and smiles. These ones are the faces behind our stunning smiles and remarkable dentition. 

From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, here are the 7 best Dentists in London. This list is based on their empathy level, modern facilities and client-centered approach.

The 7 Best Dentists in London

  1. Dr. Michael Frankl
  2. Dr. Mark Hughes
  3. Dr. Rhona Eskander 
  4. Dr. Michael Akere 
  5. Dr Adam Thorne 
  6. Dr. David Bloom 
  7. Dr. Linda Greenwall

Best Dentists in London

 1. Dr. Michael Frankl

 He works with the Lotus Clinic in Camden. He directs a team of expert professionals who specialize in dental cosmetics and everything in between. 

While his veneer  work  is remarkable, the doc boasts of his dental implants expertise. So, if you want a flawless dental implant, this dentist is right up your alley. His 25+ years of active service in this field means you are in safe hands. 

One valuable trait of this dentist is his detailed investigations. His focus on the fine details of dental cosmetics and oral health that are easily ignored is admirable.

Services: Veneers, dental implants, General Dentistry.

Location: Finchley Road, Camden.

2. Dr. Mark Hughes

He is one of the stars of to the dental field. Stunning smiles from realistic veneers, creative teeth whitening practices and others are some of the popular services at his clinic. 


If you prefer Central London to Camden, then Dr Hughes clinic at Harley Street Dental Studio will be happy to accommodate you. In the Marylebone neighborhood of central London, lies Harley Street and Dr Mark Hughes clinic.

He is also affiliated with two other clinics: the Canon House Clinic at Beaconsfield and American Smile Dentist, Chelsea. Dr Hughes is a familiar face in the media. You will often see him take the role of an advisor or consultant when speaking about his efficient techniques. 

The Doc’s expertise attracted several celebrities. His prestigious memberships at the British and American Academies of Cosmetic Dentistry respectively could also be a good influence. 

Services: Veneers, Invisalign, complex Dentistry.

Location: Harley Street, Marylebone, London.

3. Dr. Rhona Eskander 

This is another strong voice in the Dental field. She is also a media favourite who has used social media to debunk certain dental myths. At the Chelsea Dental clinic, you will find this beautiful doctor practicing general and cosmetic dentistry. 

Her signature service: the Chelsea Look uses services like alignment, bonding, whitening and, veneers. If you want splendid smiles that boosts your confidence, then you should try the Chelsea Look. 

Like Dr Hughes, Dr Eskander uses efficient techniques that produces optimal results. Magazines and TV shows invited her for interviews where she taught on dental care and health. She has a simplistic approach to her work which also spills over to her life. 

The Doctor is attentive and willing to help, while making the whole process easy for you. You can trust her with everyday dental challenges and more advanced tasks.

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Services: Orthodontics, The Chelsea Look, general dentistry.

Location: Fulham Street, Chelsea, West London.

 4. Dr. Michael Akere 

This is another remarkable member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Popularly known for his Invisalign products. 

As a world class specialist, Dr Akere has taught many upcoming dentists. For Invisalign products, surgeries or implants, you can see the Doc at the London Bridge Dental Practice. He and his team of top-level professionals are easy-going and friendly. They ensure you get the care you need in a comfortable setting. 

Since this man is considered the Doctor of Dentists, your dental health is in safe hands.

Services: Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry, Advanced Dentistry.

Location: Tooley Street, London Bridge.

 5. Dr Adam Thorne 

He is the brilliant dentist who founded the Harley Street Dental Group. As a dental specialist, he handled several cases. With thousands of Invisalign cases under his belt, Dr Thorne has a knack for enhancing your smile.

At Harley Street Dental Studio, he set up high level facilities that aids your dental improvement.  From little tweaks like teeth whitening to big works like, Teeth Restoration, Invisalign, smile design and even dermal fillers.

The clinic location is serene with the reception desk promptly ushering you to the right doctor. 

Service: Smile design, Dental Restoration, Cosmetic Dentistry

Location: Harley Street, London

6. Dr. David Bloom 

He is another exceptional member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. With 30+ years of dental service under his belt, the Doctor is very skilled in complex dental restoration, alignment and other dental works. 

He has also taken the role of a specialist and mentor. Expertly teaching young and upcoming dentists about minimally invasive dental techniques. He believes in preventive care, so this is the reason you want him on your side. Every little quirk you notice will not be ignored and adequately dealt with.


Dr Bloom has worked with several celebrities including Ben Fodon, Sophie Anderton and others. You can find him in some other clinics such as Abbey Road Dental at North London, Neel Dentistry and Perfect Smile Studios both at Hertfordshire, and many others.

He has a specific workday for each clinic so you might want to look at their schedule before paying a visit.

Services: Dental Aesthetics

Location: Abbey Road, London

 7. Best Dentists in London: Dr. Linda Greenwall

She is a third generation dentist who is well versed in the field of dental care. This likely influenced her decision to open the Dr Linda Greenwall & Associates Dental Practice. The clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic that provides every dental service that you need. 

As a leading voice in the dental world, you will experience only top-notch service in her clinic. The staff are very efficient and quickly attend to your needs. The clinic is very sterile so every tool you see is safe to use.

Also, Dr Green wall is a strong voice in teeth whitening and dental care practices. As a lecturer and Author, this remarkable woman has influenced the lives of many young people. Therefore, ensuring that the skills of dental surgery are not lost. 

Services: Medical Dental Care

Location: Constantine Road, North West London.


Your dental health is very important. So, factors like your dentist, oral hygiene, and others influence your overall teeth health. 

Furthermore, sensitive practices like Teeth Restoration, Implants and even Invisalign products require credible specialists. Our list of the seven best Dentists in London fits this bill. So, go ahead and pick the doctor that suits your needs. They are all easy going and friendly so you won’t leave the dentist’s office in a cranky mood.

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