kicked off flight misgendering

US Mom Kicked Off Flight Misgendering? Honest Review

In a heated controversial story intensified by social media platforms, a Texas mom maintains that she was booted from a United Airlines flight for misgendering a cabin crew.

The airline has released statements to refute these claims and allegations from this US mom.

The Occurrence: kicked off Flight Misgendering

Amm US mom identified as Jenna Longoria, who boarded a flight from San Francisco to Austin with her aged mother and 16-month-old son went on Instagram to elucidate her calamity.

Her video popularised on Live and Let’s Fly’s YouTube channel, elucidates the issue that the Episode started when she (Jenna Longoria) unintentionally employed an erroneous pronoun for a flight attendant.

Two Sides of a Coin: Longoria’s Side

In her statement which reads;

“The flight attendant denied access to us because he said I made a derogatory comment by not using the correct pronouns”

suggests that she was unjustly booted.

Longoria described the situation of multitasking the tense situation of her 25-pound son. She posited that she had been carrying her son who weighs 25 pounds for over 30 minutes while still coordinating her bags and trying to board the plane during the incident.

Flip Side: United Airlines’ Statement

According to the airline’s statement given to PEOPLE, the airline refuted and gave a different explanation.

The statement reads;

A party of three traveling out of San Francisco today was not allowed to board following a discussion about having too many carry-on items

The airline’s representative said the parties were rescheduled for a later flight.

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Social Media Reaction

Trust social media to react and make things that should be resolved sooner blow out of resolvable measures.

Her situation has sparked reactions online; some support her, and others are not behind her. She came out again to explain that the airline’s reason has no sense attached to it.

She asserts that the issue was a pronoun use and not “too many carry-on items” as claimed by the airline.

Kicked off Flight Misgendering: Details of the Dispute

Per Longoria’s claims; a United cabin crew got very infuriated when she addressed her (the flight attendant) as “sir”. Longoria explained that she was distracted by her son’s meltdown and the bags she was carrying and said “thank you, sir” to a female-identifying attendant.

She further explained that she apologised; regardless, she was told that she could not board the plane.

US Mom kicked off Flight Misgendering?

We believe this is a case of gross misunderstanding.

Per Longoria, she maintained that the issue was caused by the misuse of the pronoun “sir” while the Airline explained that she violated their Baggage Policy.

Baggage Policy Confusion

United’s policy allows one carry-on and one personal item per passenger, but Longoria did not specify how many carry-ons her group had, adding to the confusion.

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