Best Cinema in London

7 Best Cinema in London

This article will contain details on the 7 best cinema houses in London. Cinema houses are places where you can go to enjoy movie content to the highest. Most times, it features a large screen with a movie playing over a dark interior. 


The screen is usually larger so that every individual in the room would be able to have a clear view of what’s happening in the movie. Silence is usually observed so that the movie’s sound can also spread around the room unhindered. 

However, this is just a general description and in this article we’ll go into the individual special features of the 7 best cinemas in London. 

7 Best Cinema in London

1. Ritzy Cinema Brixton

2. Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel

3. Peckham Plex

4. The Castle Cinema

5. Prince Charles Cinema

6. Rio Cinema

7. ArtHouse Crouch End

Best Cinema in London

1. Ritzy Cinema Brixton

Ritzy Cinema was first built and opened in Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Ln, London, 1911 under the alias ‘The Electric Pavilion’. In the past 100 years, this cinema has seen a number of developments, expansions and renaming. In the initial building plan, the cinema had a capacity of about 750 seats and it had an organ (instrument) which was later removed in following years. 

Other names which this structure has gone by include the Pullman, the Classic and others. Ritzy Cinema is one of the oldest cinema houses in London. 

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Currently, the cinema is owned by Picturehouse Cinemas and is now named Ritzy Picturehouse. The name Ritzy Cinema is still very popular though. Ritzy Cinema is now a multi screen complex hosting up to four screens which allows four movies to play at once with customers choosing the movie they would like to watch and heading to the respective room. 

There is also a bar and Cafe so you can grab your favorite snack before the movie begins. 

2. Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel

Genesis Cinema welcomed its first viewers in 1999, with the typical cinema theme, red seats, a dark interior and a wide screen, it quickly became a people’s favorite. It was built on Mile End Rd, 93-95, Bethnal Green, London,

Genesis Cinema has a capacity of more than 720 seats and 5 screens so various movies can be portrayed at once. There is also an area for purchase of snacks and foods depending on how hungry you are. You can also book a screen so you can project your own video project to your group of friends. 

3. Peckhamplex

This cinema features any and all kinds of movies that you would want to view, it is built on 95A Rye Ln, London in 1994

With six actively working screens, you have a wide range of movies which you can select from. The seats are comfortable and colored red with movies played in High Dimension quality to grant customers with peak experience. Popcorn and smoothies can be bought to enjoy as the movie goes on. 

4. The Castle Cinema

This London cinema is located on First Floor, 64 – 66 Brooksby’s Walk, London. It was constructed in 1913 and has served as an entertainment house since then till now. It features two screen areas, one being capable of taking 82 seats and another auxiliary room capable of 27 seats. A bat which can support upto 100 people can also be found in this cinema so you can grab a bite before your movie starts. 

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The castle cinema was once known by the name ‘The Castle Electric Theatre’, this was during its initial opening. Later in 1958, it was closed down and used for other purposes including as a storage house. However, in 2016 the building was once again used as a cinema and has continued to be in use since then. 

5. Prince Charles Cinema 

Built in 1962 at 7 Leicester Place in London, Prince Charles Cinema has two screen sections: one above and one below. There are 404 chairs in all, 104 leather ones in the upper section and 300 velvet ones in the basement.

Before changing its name a few years later, this cinema also had another name. The Prince Charles Theatre was its original name. The first level was originally intended to be the seating room and the bottom floor to be the stage area. This arrangement was followed, but later on it was altered to give the first floor its own screen and seats were added to the lower floor.

6. Rio Cinema

One of the oldest and busiest theaters in London, Rio Cinema has over 400 seats and was built in 1909. This two screen theater is located at 107 Kingsland High Street in London.

There are forty-two seats in the main screen area and twenty-eight in the smaller second. The reason for the comparatively few seats is because the second screen area was installed only in 2017. The second screen is situated in the space that was once the basement.

7. ArtHouse Crouch End

Constructed in 169A Tottenham Lane, London, ArtHouse Crouch End is a cinema. After being finished in 1912, the structure was originally utilized as an army fortification until, many years later, in 2014, it was converted into a cinema.

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Screen one of the movie theater can hold eighty one people, while screen two can hold a little bigger ninety people. There is room for passing across the middle of the columns holding the seats.


Going to a movie theater is mostly appealing if you want to see the feelings and responses of the audience; otherwise, it’s just like viewing the movie on your own computer. Played on the big screen, the high definition movie is another benefit. Make sure you take in a movie whenever you visit London.


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