Best Hotels Near St Pancras Station London

7 Best Hotels Near St Pancras Station London 

Are you a Solo traveller? Travelling with family? Or on a business trip? Whichever reasons you have for touring the city of London, there are certain places you must visit to enjoy some time that fits your travel experiences, the foods you would love to try and how they taste better in your taste buds.  


Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 7 best hotels that will give you a wonderful experience while enjoying your stay in London without being financially hit. These hotels are a must visit for you to really understand why we selected these hotels out of the numerous in the golden city of London.

Below are the 7 best must visit hotels near St Pancras Station London 

7 Best Hotels Near St Pancras Station London 

1. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel 

2. Great Northern Hotel

3. The Standard Hotel

4. Megaton Hotel

5. Peninsula London

6. Pullman London

7. Hilton London – Euston

Best Hotels Near St Pancras Station London 

1. St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London 

If you are on a journey to explore London, this hotel offers you the best of services. With a view of Eurostar along with a regular overground through the hotel that gives you the best feeling.

The building from the outside is pretty unique as well as the interior decor and spaces. The restaurant and chamber club are nice places to sit, with a cool spa to ease off your stress and a place where kids can  enjoy the splash pool during the designated kids hours. The staff are friendly and the lobby is gorgeous.

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The service team could not have been more kind, hospitable and helpful, making it the best place to be in London City.

Location: Euston road, London 

Budget: £380-£589

Business hours: Daily 24/7

2. Great Northern Hotel

Situated in the city of London and also known for its cleanliness, friendly and helpful staff that gives you the best of satisfaction. With Spotless rooms, location and transport links that are second to none.

The hotel beds are very large and comfortable with soundproof rooms. However, it is also situated near a rail station, making it the best place to have a wonderful experience. Each floor has a pantry for the lovers of coffee or tea for a fulfilling time out.

The hotel’s amenities will make you feel special from the breakfast kitchenette that contain coffee, tea, fresh fruit, and pastries at the end of each floorz also available is an added security locked door before entering your floor, and a closet that includes a complimentary umbrella for you to use if needed.

If you are a solo traveller that will love to experience a comfortable and stress free stay in London. GHN is the place to be for a unique experience like never before.

Location: Pancras Road King’s Cross, London 

Budget: £328-£495

Business hours: Daily 24/7

3. The Standard – London

A hotel built in a fantastic location that befits you. A perfection from start to finish, with attentive staff, well designed rooms, cosy atmosphere with comfy beds, and meals that are well detailed.

The hotel amenities are top notch to give you the best experience as a guest, you will have access to free high speed internet connection, bar/lounge, evening entertainment, and a fitness centre with workout gym. 

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The rooms features in the hotel include a walk -in shower, mini bar, air purifier and air conditioning. Its never too late to experience the best with The Standard.

Location: Argyle Street, London 

Budget: £289-£473

Business hours: Daily 24/7

4. Megaton Hotel

A beautiful hotel with nice classic decor and relaxed ambience. Outstanding services and hospitality where everyone seems to take pride in what they do. 

In addition, the hotel has plenty of spacious rooms with awesome views of the port and the sea. The breakfast buffet is elaborate and delicious. The hotel also has a fantastic location that gives you leverage to explore the city of London though sightseeing. With cobbled streets, local restaurants and souvenir shops, all within a short walking distance. Your stay in London is never complete without experiencing the best of services at Megaton Hotel.

Furthermore, as a patron, you also have access to a bar & lounge, free wi-fi and free breakfast. The hotel rooms are fully air conditioned with sound proof, a mini bar that gives you the best experience you deserve. 

Location: Beaufort, London 

Budget: £139-£242

Business hours: Daily 24/7 

5. Peninsula London

Situated around the Park Hyde Hall, a prestigious hotel known to provide excellent unique structure and interior setting. 

The hotel gives you a world class experience on its own: from structure, interior decor and the use of integrated technologies makes it worthy compared to what others have to offer.

Room features are made just to satisfy your luxurious lifestyle. The rooms are suite sized with oversized bathrooms.

The staff are efficient and friendly and are fun enough to make your stay in the hotel a memorable one that will last long. Patrons will have access to 24 hours security, a spa, bar & lounge and a fitness centre that gives you the best experience that fits you.


Location: Grosvenor Place, London 

Budget: £1,155 – £1,497

Business hours: 24/7 Daily  

6.  Pullman London St Pancras

Having garnered a lot of appraisal for its perfect service, and its unique location that makes it fum to be.  With rooms that are sufficiently spacious, spa to ease yourself from stress, and the best of amenities that meets your demand. 

The hotel Deluxe rooms are also spacious, clean and modern. This hotel is a great value for your money which you won’t ever regret spending. Make a move today and enjoy the best of services.

Location: Euston road, London 

Budget: £264-£423

Business hours: Daily 24/7 

7 am – 12 pm 

7. Hilton London – Euston

If you are concerned about your budget or you don’t know where to spend the night, this hotel is made for you no doubt.

Situated in a convenient location that gives you an opportunity to explore better. The hotel staff are to notch staffs that knows what it takes to give you the best of services that meet your expectations. 

In addition, the hotel Bar and restaurant are one of the best in the game, with all it takes to meet your demands in serving you right. Also, the rooms are super clean and spacious.

Location: Upper Woburn Place, London 

Budget: £183-£343 

Business hours: 24/7 eveyday


In this piece, we have explained meticulously the best hotels near St Pancras. considering your budget, you can pick which works best for you.

Whether you want to go on solo tourism of group tourism, check ut these hotels because they are worth looking into.


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