Best lunch in London

7 Best lunch in London

London is one place known to have variety of meals when it comes to lunch, whether it’s a native
American dish, an Asian-inspired dish, or even something from Africa you can find all of this in London.


Are you in London or aspiring to visit London soon? Stay with me on this post as I will be revealing the 7 best lunch options in London! If you are new in London, it would be of great benefit for you to know the exact meals people enjoy best and also not to miss out on the amazing food combos.

The London food scene has indeed proved that food binds people regardless of their cultures, religious beliefs, or ethnicity! Italian meals, German menu items, and Chinese chopsticks have all been incorporated into the food industry. When it comes to food, trust me, we might all forget we’re not from the same ethnicity.

Here is our pick of the most special places for that all-important midday meal or for something affordable, see or selection of the best Michelin-recognized lunches in London.

7 Best lunch in London

  1. Steak and kidney pie
  2. Traditional English breakfast
  3. Brat
  4. Fish and chips
  5. Sunday Roast with Yorkshire pudding
  6. Afternoon tea
  7. Bangers and mash

7 Best lunch in London

1. Steak and kidney pie

Steak and kidney pie is as the name suggests diced beef and kidney is one very popular meal amongst taverns and pubs scattered around London! It’s just popular amongst business owners (taverns and pub owners), but it’s popular and loved by a lot of people in London! Some groups of people literally can’t do without eating steak and kidney pie in a week.

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Steak and kidney pie features a great mix of aromatic ingredients like onions, garlic, brown gravy, and lots more. This is a very common meal found in almost every pub in London, and it is also served by some proper sit-down restaurants.

Why people love steak and kidney this much is still a mystery! However, the question is who says no to a properly seasoned and grilled beef?

If you are not vegetarian, this should definitely be worth trying out

The area to get the best steak and kidney pie is downtown London.

2. Traditional English Breakfast

The traditional English breakfast, also known as a full English breakfast, is undoubtedly loved by a
a lot of people as it features several options, from your egg style, your choice between bacon or
turkey ham and you even get to choose if you want your English breakfast served with toast or

The reviews restaurants have gotten about the English breakfast is very impressive and it
stands out in many different ways.

The English breakfast is sorted out for by a lot of people that you can literally find it on every cafés around town menu’s some pubs also tend to serve it so you don’t necessarily need to travel far to get your self a nice plate of the traditional English breakfast.


When you need somewhere to go for birthday outing, date night with your group of friends.
The perfect size for brat is four or possibly six.

That’s not to say you can’t dine as a daring duo, it’s just that many of brat’s most celebrated dishes (whole turbot, huge hunks of beef) have epic proportions. So the bigger your squad, the more you can try the food from star chef tomos parry.

The food is cooked over the fire, giving it the kind of character that’s in keeping with the handsome, high-ceilinged dining room originally a pub, but most recently restored from a pole-dancing club.


What to order: any/all the grilled bread, the spider crab on toast, the caramel cream.
Lunch served: daily

Address: 4 red church street, London, EL 6JL

4. Fish and chips

It’s surprising how this British staple meal that has outlived centuries is served every around the
world and London is not an exception. You can find this British-originated meal served in various
local restaurants scattered around London. And yes! You can also get fish and chips in some
fine dinning restaurants.

Fish and chips may seem to be a very common food combo but trust me when I say it’s
prepared differently in London (the British way)! There are a lot of fish and chips shacks spread
across down but to get the real deal I will suggest you visit a local restaurants or preferably a
fine dinning restaurant to enjoy this food combo better.

If you love or have tasted a properly grilled fish with a nice side fries then you should try this.
And yes the fish and chips meal in London is absolutely on a different dimension. The
preparation is too notch and has stood out compared to how it’s been prepared anywhere else.

5. Sunday Roast With Yorkshire Pudding

How about trying out meals that are served only on Sunday’s? This is awesome and trust me
Sunday Roast by Yorkshire is worth trying out! Although the meal is not exclusively served only
on Sunday’s, it’s best eaten on Sunday just to celebrate and protect the culture and the story
behind this delicacy.

Roast with Yorkshire pudding is basically a combo of roasted meats served with potatoes stuffing and pudding. How ever the meat used for the roast varies on your choice as it can be made with either chicken, beef, lamb or pork.

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The meal is absolutely great and flavourful the combination is also customisable so you can
choice how seasoned you want your roast and the exact protein (meat) you want served.
Apart from the graciousness the roast boasts of, the pudding itself is made eggs, milk and flour
and it’s served generally as a side dish.

6. Afternoon Tea

In London, afternoon tea to a lot of people serves as a a Meal and not just a drink as the world
sees it in general. You might be wondering why I said it’s more like a meal and not a drink! Read
on to know why.

Afternoon tea as the term may be to the world is a drink but in London it’s more like a meal time
and in this meal time the only thing served are cakes and other sweet pastries.

And as you can imagine this meal time isn’t complete without tea of course! Here you’ll get to try
your favourite piece of pastry with several tea flavours.

7. Bangers and mash

Served with onion gravy bangers and mash is a meal loved by people in London and it’s a combination of suadages and mashed potatoes served in different forms.

They sausages can either be made from pork, lamb, beef and chicken. However, this meal item
is considered pub grud as it can be made in large quantities at low cost.


Lately, lunch has evolved to be a very important part of a lot of people’s diet! And this has made a lot of people want nothing but the best meals for lunch. Whilst other care so much about the ambience, as it helps keep them relaxed and prepared for what the day has in store for them.

This comprehensively covered all you need to know about the best places to have lunch in London, and we have also made it a point of duty to recommend meals we deem fit.

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