who did alex cooper date on the red sox

Who Did Alex Cooper Date On the Red Sox?

There has been a lot of buzz about who Alex Cooper dated on Red Sox. In this piece, we will elucidate just that.

Who Did Alex Cooper Date On the Red Sox?

Noah Syndergaard was who Alex dated.

This question from fans and lovers emanated when the ex-Barstool sports show host, Alex made this known publically on her hot-button podcast, “Call Her Daddy” during the Season 4 premiere of her show.

In this show’s debut, Cooper, alongside TikTok sensation Alix Earle, made waves by candidly discussing their past relationships with Major League Baseball (MLB) players.

A Re-visit from to the Past

Noah Syndergaard whose career became conspicuous from being a MLB pitcher in 2017 dated Alex.

Their relationship came to the limelight when they were sighted at a Knicks game. However, this relationship did not stand the test of time as it ended almost soon.

Hot! Alex Cooper Said what about Syndergaard?

A variety of uncensored or simply put; real thoughts were communicated. For Alex specifically, she shared a couple of genuine views about her ex, Syndergaard.

In the recent episode of the podcast; “Call Her Daddy”, Alex and Earle disclosed how MLB players, particularly previous teammates of Syndergaard would hold talks about Alex in their locker room.

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Alex who was “schadenfreude” dropped a hint that Syndergaard’s career might be in the twilight. In her words;

I’m sure mine is on his way out.

Who Did Alex Cooper Date On the Red Sox? Cooper and Syndergaard’s Rollercoaster Romance: From Courtside Kisses to a Twitter Breakup

According to research, the romance between Syndergaard and Alex started in 2017, April more specifically.

The “love birds” were seen kissing, all smoochy and snuggly at a Knicks game. Social media was set on fire, the photo that circulated sent social media into a frenzy. This made their names a song on the lips of many, tagging them as one of sports’ hottest couples.

Relationship Plunge into Un-coupling

The “storybook romance” budded a train to Splitsville in December 2017. In a tweet by Syndergaard, he announced himself single stating further that his career was more important, putting an end to the fairytale relationship with Alex

There you have it folks.

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