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London Best Universities Now

According to the QS ranking of Best student Cities in the world, London is the first choice of most students. It was followed by Japan and Seoul. Although the city is well-known for its high cost of living, the diversity it offers draws many undergraduates and postgraduate students.


There are over 40 universities in London but only 17 are recognised by the 2024 QS world university ranking. Therefore, we will share details of the 7 best London universities from the ranking.

In today’s article, we compiled the 7 best universities London offers, from general institutions to specialized alma maters, there’s a spot for you.

7 London Best Universities

  1. The Imperial College London
  2. The University College London
  3. King’s College London
  4. London School of Economics and Political Science
  5. Queen Mary University, London
  6. City University of London
  7. Brunel University London

London Best Universities

1. Imperial College London

The pioneer item on this list is the ICL which ranks Sixth on the global scale but first in London. This citadel offers 67 undergraduate programs, 155 post graduate programs and 9 campuses. 

Its programs run through the sciences, engineering, medicine and business. Imperial College London is well known for its innovative and cutting edge research. Hence, you will be equipped with the disciplines and skills obtained from excellent research practices.

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It’s engineering school has 3- year undergraduate and a 4-year Master’s programmes. Most courses in the School of Medicine and Business School also use the same duration. Additionally, some courses allow students to study or work overseas while they engage in research. 

Interestingly, Hyde park and Kensington Gardens are within walking distance. So, when you seem overwhelmed, a nature’s walk or jog in the park could do you some good.

Campus Location: South Kensington, London

Max Tuition Range: £35,000 

2. University College London

The University College London ranks as number 9 in the QS global university with 403 undergraduate curriculums, and 624 postgraduate academic programs. As the 2024 Times and Sunday Times University of the year, UCL has the attention of major employers. So, you might not have to go job hunting!

If you are interested in Business, you will be introduced to UCL innovation and Enterprise where you are exposed to practical  Entrepreneurship guides.  If you are a career-oriented individual, UCL has your back 

Its Career Service allows you to build exemplary skills for your career while exposing you to the big wigs of your career through recruitment and networking meetings.

Its 9 campuses facilitate academic programs in Education, Engineering, Life sciences, Arts and Humanities, physical sciences, medical sciences, law and several others. 

Furthermore, scholarships are available for both domestic and international postgraduate students. 

Campus Location: Bloomsbury

Max Fees:  £24,000

3. King’s College London

 King’s College (KC for short), is incontrovertibly one of the best universities in the world. It is among the best 40 global institutions. It holds 155 undergraduate curricula and 344 postgraduate programs.

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It’s academic programs revolve around Humanities, Engineering, Life Science, Natural science, business and many others.  

As the fourth oldest college in London, King’s is renowned for it’s world-leading research. Furthermore, 12 Nobel Prize winners walked the walls of this college. You might be the next! 

One major advantage of this college is the sheer number of scholarships available to Master’s students. If you are searching for remarkable schools that have scholarship plans for Master’s students. All you need to do is download their Scholarship Guide from the official website and pick the most suitable choice.

Campus Location: Strand, London

Max Fees: £18,000

4. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

From research, LSE holds the 45th position in the World university ranking based on QS data. With 42 undergraduate programs and 196 post graduate courses, LSE caters to over 8,000 international students. So, you can be sure of a world-wide experience just from your corner of Central London. 

Students interested in these disciplines: Law, Finance, sociology, administration should consider this university. Notably, undergraduate applications are received via UCAS applications which open in September regarding the next academic calendar.

Campus Location: Houghton street, Central London.

Max Fees: £27,000

5. The Queen Mary University of London

This institution is among the top-level universities in London. Its student body is about 300+ including international students.

It employs professionals in the medical, humanities and social science fields. Students can get accomodation in the school and exploit the perks of central London.

QM is a public research institute that offers 50% scholarship in its Post graduate programs. Also, its study Abroad programs don’t have the standard application fees. 

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Campus Location: 327 Mile End Road

Tuition Range: £9,000 to £27,000 

6. City University of London

This citadel of learning offers 100 undergraduate and graduate programs. 

As a renowned institution, City has 6 academic schools spanning Business, Health, Science, Communications, Law and Global systems. 

There are also student support programs that aid fresh students adapt to campus life. It also provides over 70 scholarship programs for home and foreign scholars.

Campus Location: Northampton square

Tuition Range: £9,000 to £18,000

7. Brunel University London

Brunel University has  a community of 2000+ students who registered for various academic programs. 

Its staff are professionals in the field of medicine, Sports, Health, Sciences and communication sectors. Like all UK based universities, Brunel University provides 100+ scholarship programs. So, you can visit their official website for more details.

Campus Location: Uxbridge, London

Max Fees: £18,000


Your ideal London university should fit your specific needs and also provide a platform that aids your employability after the academic year. While the search for the best London university is on, do not allow the aesthetics and vibrant student life of London distract you from your goal. 

The relevance of Education cannot be underrated and this golden city knows it well. So, enjoy the beauty and diversity of London but also treasure the lessons from its citadels of learning. While you are at it, watch out for the 7 Best Universities London accommodates.


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