Jay Slater Missing Tenerife Took £12,000 Rolex

Jay Slater Missing Tenerife Took £12,000 Rolex? What we Know

According to reports, Nineteen-year-old, Jay Slater was very scared and may have taken a £12,000 Rolex watch.

Jay hails from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. Per reports, he went missing in Tenerife on the 17th of June, 2024.

In the same reports, he has been dwelling at an Airbnb near Masca in the Rural de Teno Park. He was said to be staying in with two British friends.

Jay’s friend Lucy Law, 18, said he called her saying he was lost, without water, and with only 1% battery on his phone. He could have gone back to the Airbnb to charge his phone and get water but chose not to.

Jay’s last known movements include walking for about 30 minutes after leaving the Airbnb and sending his location at 8:49 AM and 8:50 AM, showing he was on a track with loose stones. Williams-Thomas appealed to local landowners to check their properties for any signs of Jay.

Jay’s family, including his mom Debbie Duncan and dad Warren Slater, remain in Tenerife searching for him. Debbie expressed their pain and devastation, describing Jay as a normal guy in his third year of an apprenticeship and popular among his friends. The Spanish police, the Guardia Civil, conducted a 12-day land search but called off the active search on June 30, though they will continue to follow up on any new information.

Jay’s disappearance has left his family and friends desperate for answers and hoping for any leads that might help bring him home safely.

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