Hawk Tuah girl fired

Hawk Tuah girl fired? Facts Presented!

Many Netizens have hit the internet trying to find out who the Tuah girl is, and more importantly, if she got fired.

In this post, we have discussed this in detail.

Who is Hawk Tuah?

Meet the current internet sensation, Hailey Wellington who is popularly known as “Hawk Tuah Girl”.

She recently came into the spotlight for her brazen response in a street interview. She being a smart young lady has capitalised on her 15 seconds of fame to start selling her signed products using the Fathead Threads Facebook page.

This action of selling her merchandise online has with time stored relations online.

Per our research, she sells her signed caps for $40 and $30 for unsigned ones, this has triggered lots of comments from Netizens.

Mixed Reactions from Fans

Many have hit their keypads castigating; some encouraging her thus egging her on, while some comments are just very unseemly.

A user J. C. Madeline reacted;

If I buy a hat I want him to spit on my hat

others such as Jerry Creech praised her as a “real American hero.” On the flip side, Cassady Johnson condemned the move, saying;

She shouldn’t get all the income; she’s not the first woman who’s ever put a load of fat and spit on those thongs.

suggesting that many women deserve recognition for akin endeavours.

Why Did Hailey Go Viral?

Hailey rose to fame overnight because of a vial video. In this video, she gave a lewd response to a question about bedroom tricks.

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Her southern intonation and frank response got a grip of viewers’ attention, making her an overnight sensation.

Loving her or otherwise shows how a ubiquitous moment can without doubt become a business prospect.

Hawk Tuah girl fired?

No! The news of her being fired is false.

Social media has had unrest since the news of her, Hailey Wellington, famously known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” being fired went viral.

She is a preschool teacher. Per our research, a Facebook account, Tippah County Tribune posted that Hailey, a 23-year-old from Ripley, lost her job after her viral video triggered debate.

The post explicated that Hailey, the Hawk Tuah girl who teaches at Epstein Day School, was forced to resign following the incident.

Final Thoughts

The news about Hailey Wellington being fired is a hoax. It’s very essential to check if the information you heard is genuine or not.

More importantly, it is advisable not to believe or share claims you have not validated.

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