Best Vintage Clothing in London

7 Best Vintage Clothing in London 

Are you planning to try out vintage outfits for the first time but do not know where to get them?


Or do you want to up your game as a lover of vintage clothings?

Your slay can never go wrong with our guidance.

Our  list of the best vintage clothing in London promises the best vintage shopping experience you can ever have. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect quality on a pocket friendly budget or the classiest styles for a grandeur, we got you covered.

7 Best Vintage Clothing in London 

1.Brick Lane Vintage

2. St. Cyr Vintage

3. Paper Dress Vintage

4. Reign vintage

5. Blue 17 Vintage clothing

6. Beyond Retro

7. Atika London 

Best Vintage Clothing in London


Brick Lane Vintage offers a myriad of vintage outfits displaying them in a rack all over the store.

The line up of various fashionable vintage outfits is a can’t miss as you reach the store’s corner. The glass doors of the store make the view even more inviting.

Whether you are looking for designers or vintage athletic wear for both males and females, accessories, jewelries or even hand bags suitable for a Gen Z look, Brick Lane Vintage is a perfect stop.

Location:  Brick Lane, London 

Price Range: £15 -£80

Opening Periods:

Monday – Sunday

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11am – 7pm


If you are on a limited budget shopping, St Cyr vintage is a perfect stop for you. This vintage clothing store deals with a range of quality secondhand fashion goods.

St. Cyr cares about how you appear on every outfit you purchase. For this reason, it provides a size guide and jean measurement guide to help you order your perfect cloth size. 

It also provides information on Levi’s button numbers to help you identify original vintage products when placing your order.

St Cyr is often referred to as a female clothing store but it also offers male vintage clothings and accessories as well.

All the fashion goods are quality second hand goods purchased from the best sources around the world and selected by the best team.

They offer in store shopping and delivery services.

Location: Camden Market, London 

Price Range: £18 – £80

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Fridays

11 am–6 pm

Every Saturdays & Sundays

10:30 am–6:30 pm


Paper Dress Vintage is the perfect stop to shop quality English vintage for both males and females.

It is more than a boutique, it also has an evening bar which offers live music for a cool evening getaway.

During the day, It is a vintage boutique and at night a live music barby 

1900 dresses are never outdated because of their fashionable styles, beautiful vintage and  handmade outfits with 1900 looks are sold at  Paper Dress Vintage store. 

Location: Mare Street, London 

Price Range: £2 – £80

Opening Periods:


Tuesdays & Wednesday

11 am–11 pm


11 am–11:30 pm

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11 am–2:30 am


11 am–3 am


11 am–7 pm


Popular for quality male and female designer vintage clothings and accessories, Reign vintage offers unique vintage pieces from famous brands across the world.

This vintage store has goods that are one of a kind or very limited in stock.

Durability is a top feature of Reign Vintage, they are more concerned with the lifespan of their dress and not just the fashion trends.

Online shopping has been made easier, as you can easily make a pick on their website and it will get delivered to your location.

Location: Berwick Street, London 

Price Range: £45 – £300

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Saturdays

11 am–8 pm


10:30 am–7:30 pm


Irrespective of your size, height or fashion style, you have a Vintage cloth to pick there. They also sell the best retro and fashionable styled vintages that suit every event.

Location: Holloway Road, London 

Price Range: £20 – £100

Opening Periods:


12pm – 6 pm

Tuesdays – Saturdays

11 am – 6 pm


12pm – 6 pm


This vintage store has a wide myriad of vintage collections and secondhand clothing for both males and females.

It is not only a fashion store, it also has a coffee corner where you can have coffee from a fashionable vintage tea set. The store also has a free and reliable internet connection.

It offers a range of redesigned clothing to fit in contemporary trends. It also offers clothing ranging from sports to casual wear and jeans.

It also features an online shop where you can purchase goods and have them sent to you.

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Location: Argyll Street, London 

Opening Periods:

Mondays – Saturdays

10 am–8 pm

Every Sunday

12–6 pm


It is in an old Victorian warehouse and it is one of London’s biggest vintage stores.

It occupies over 5 rooms spread across two floors in the building containing over twenty thousand vintage clothings and items.

This vintage store offers a wide selection of retro wear, designer clothings, trending vintage outfits, books, accessories and other items specially selected to suit uniqueness.

It also offers secondhand clothing at affordable prices.

 Recently, the store launched REMIX by ATIKA’s AW20 collection, an exclusive online space where goods are specially designed and hand made by the REMIX design and production team for online sale only. 

Location: Handbury, London 

Price Range: £25 – £100+

Opening Times

Mondays – Saturdays

11 am–7 pm

Every Sunday

12–6 pm


Your slay can never go wrong on a vintage outfit. Whether you choose a retro outfit or you opt for a contemporary vintage outfit, you are ready to rock your next outing in grand style. 

Do not forget to take a picture!


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