Best Shopping Streets In London

7 Best Shopping Streets In London

Are you on a lookout for the best place to explore in your stay in London? you should try the Shopping streets In the city of London where you get everything fashion and accessories clothing styles. 


So, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a great sense of fashion, or you intend to run a little fashion boutique,  everything you need is what these streets will cater for.

Whether you are looking for high fashion clothing,  souvenirs or  home goods, you should check out the streets and also tell others to try it out.

In this article we will reveal some selected best Shopping streets in the city of London where you can get your high quality and low quality items for your fashion accessories, home wares, beauty accessories of popular brands,  departmental stores, no matter your financial budget. 

So, get ready for a wonderful shopping spree experience in these streets. 

List of 7 best Shopping streets In London 

7 Best Shopping Streets In London

1 Oxford Street 

2 Regent Street 

3 Covent Garden 

4 Bond Street 

5 Carnaby Street 

6 Westfield London 

7 Sloane Street 

Best Shopping Streets In London

1 Oxford Street 

Oxford is one of the busiest locations in London popularly known for excellent attraction of visitors from far and wide.

It’s known as the home of high Street fashion and also like your go-to call girl for big brands like Zara,River Island, Primark and Gap making its popularity go far and wide.

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Oxford Street definitely has something for every fashionable and stylish enthusiast. They offer fashion items, beauty properties, sportswear among a few to mention.

It’s the best and famous area for fashion lovers and those who are in deep live with quality shopping. It attracts more than 200 million visitors annually. 

Location: Oxford Street,  London 

Shop hours: 

Mon- Sat 8pm- 10pm

Sun  12pm – 6pm

2. Regent Street 

It was named after the Prince Regent that later turned out as King George IV, located in the West End of London as one of the most prestigious lifestyle destinations for international brands.

It’s the home for fashion, dining, wellness and lifestyle. It was the original shopping street in the capital and has grown into a world well known final destination for all kinds of classic shopping.

Stuffs you might shop from according to your budget are the likes of Hackett, Burberry, Tommy Hifger, Hugo Boss.

It’s more popular than Oxford Street when it comes to selling women’s and men’s fashion, housewares and clothing. 

This shopping street attracts over 7.5 million tourists year in year out.

Location: Regent Street, London 

Shop hours

Mon- Fri 8am – 9pm

Sat: 9am – 5pm

Sun 8am- 6pm 

3. The Covent Garden 

One of the most popular neighbourhoods in London. It has a high quality of fashion and beauty items.

The area is  the most sought in London as it’s always flooded with tourists, locals and street performers.You can find everything from food products, antiques, and souvenirs in The Covent Garden

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Brands like Coco Chanel, Dior are specially found in the beauty and cosmetics department. 

It’s important to note that individual stores open at different intervals.

Location: West End, London 

Shop hours:

Mon-Fri  10am – 8pm

Sat 9am – 8pm 

Sun   Midday 6pm

4. Bond Street 

This Street is famous for its  elegant stores, luxury goods,art and antiques. Named after Sir Thomas Bond and now officially changed to Burberry Street because of the London fashion week and for the duration of the show

Bond Street is a must visit for those who love quality shopping and dining experience. 

It’s the most expensive shopping street In London, it partnered with prestigious stores like Jimmy Choo, Burberry and Louis Vuitton 

Location: Bond Street, London 

Shop hours:

Mon- Sat 10am – 7pm

Sun 12pm – 6pm  

5.  Carnaby Street 

Famous for being the home of Mods, Skinheads, and Punks to the current street style i.e 1960s fashion and fashion home for retailers

Carnaby Street is in the heart of the West End and a perpetual buzz in the area. Fashion Brands like Puma, Pete Jeans, Diesel also partnered with Carnaby.

A great place to shop in London where much more independent and quirky shops away from Oxford Street are. It’s better in winter when the little markets appear but a bit crowded on most days.

Block after block cafe, street art and styles that make it colourful and fun. The tolerance in the street to everyone irrespective of religion,  gender, money. 

This area has great shopping and amazing restaurants that will satisfy anyone. Loved by every Londoners and mostly visited by tourists around the globe.

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Take your time to wander around if you live doing it. You should also try out the night solo visit.

Location: Soho, London 

Shop hours:

Mon- Sat 10am – 7pm

Sun 12 noon – 6pm

6.  Westfield London 

It is the largest urban shopping street in White City London with over 350 shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafés.

Great shopping centre with a variety of different items shops and restaurants to dine in, cleanest shopping centre, bowling alley. There’s a food court at the centre of the shopping area where you can sit and eat from different food outlets.

An interesting place to be as you meet different people from all countries and cultures. Might want to wander around if you don’t have something to get for yourself.

Location: Ariel Way,  London 

Shop hours:

Mon- Sat 10am – 9pm

Sun 12 pm – 6pm

7. Sloane Street

Sloane is among the finest and most expensive shopping centres in London or you can visit the Harrods around the corner of Sloane Street. It’s not as busy as Bond’s street without people walking into people on the pavement.

You can also do the window shopping idea if the expensive designer items are on the high sides for you.

Walking around this Street will give you a broader sense of its originality and nicer views of the environment.

Location: Duke of York square, Sloane Street, London 

Shop hours:

Mon- Sat 10am- 6pm


As a fashion enthusiast, exploring these shopping streets of London should be your next destination.

Ranging from high quality goods to luxurious products for your money worth is something you should really do as an adventurer. 

Starting from Oxford Street to Sloane Street, these shopping streets speak nothing but quality.


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