Best Savoy Hotels Downtown in London

7 Best Savoy Hotels Downtown in London

Are you in search of one of the best hotels in London City where you can experience the best kind of lifestyle of your choice? Search no more! Here in London, we can assure you of luxurious lifestyles that fit you.


The hotels in downtown London stand out among others with magnificent services, Their technological know-how is second to none, and the workers have all it takes to give you the best preferential and customer services when it comes to the facilities they meet up with your required components.

However, we are going to list out with vivid details as regards the top 7 best hotels in downtown London that suit you, feeding you with the right information on their location, budget, opening hours, and other vital information that would make your search a stress-free one.

7 Best savoy Hotels downtown in London

  1. The savoy hotels
  2. The Ritz hotel
  3. The Rosewood London
  4. The Corinthia
  5. The Shangri-la
  6. The Ned London
  7. The Me London

Best savoy Hotels downtown in London

1. The Savoy Hotels

Dealing with Savoy Hotel is worth it, as they provide you with hotel customer relations you can’t get anywhere in the world.

The hotel features are top-notch compared to other hotels you can find around London, and they have staff with so much expertise on what it takes to give you a unique experience.

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Also, their services are not that expensive compared to what others will charge you, which makes it more affordable for all to experienceexperience greatness. You will get all you need in the hotel from the restaurants, and a bar lounge that makes your stay in London a fun-filled experience.

Location– The Savoy Hotel is situated on the north bank of London.

Price range– £107 – £200 per night

Opening Hours: They are open 24/7

2. The Ritz Hotel

The Ritz Hotel tends to give you the type of satisfaction you need, from the living room setting to the facilities that befit you,  the staff are equal to the task of providing you with the best services.

With the Ritz, you have access to the best of meals with great chefs who know what it takes to provide you with luxurious cuisine that befits you.

Location– Situated in Piccadilly in the heart of London

Price range– £150-£214

Opening hours: They are open 24/7

3. The Rosewood London

With Rosewood, you will experience elegance and innovative services that serve you right, as they have the best facilities that help to make your stay in London exciting and worth it.

They have modern facilities that fit your luxury lifestyle and a peaceful environment that is warm, cool, and perfect for your status.

Location– Edwardian-era building in the Holborn London

Price Range– £250-£500 per night

Opening hours– They are open 24/7

4. The Corinthia

The Corinthia Hotel is one of the best places to be in exploring the city of London. It is one of the top attractions in London, with standard services that will meet your expectations.

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Dealing with Corinthia Hotel, you will not be disappointed, as you will be exposed to luxury &  top-notch staff, and an environment that gives you customer satisfaction.

The Corinthia Hotel also comes with a unique restaurant where you can have a meal perfectly made to your taste, a spa bar and lounge, and a relaxation unit that fits you.

Location – it is located in the heart of London city.

Price range:£200-£350

Opening hours:They are open 24/7

5. The Shangri-la

The Shangri-la  Hotel serves you with exquisite facilities that give you the best of services and make your stay in London fulfilling. With technical know-how staff that knows how to give the best of services to meet customer expectations.

Also, the hotel rooms are made up of modern designs and structures that fit your lifestyle, with the right amenities that make the hotel one of the best places to be in London. You will not regret a visit to The Shangri-La.

Location– The Shard in London

Price range– £2000-£3000

Opening hours– They are open 24/7

6. The Ned London

The Ned Hotel in London is one of the trendy hotels in the heart of London, the hotel is known for its stylish design and the modern-day facilities that give you customer satisfaction. In addition, is the provision of modern amenities and technical know-how staff that knows how to meet up with expectations for a full-filedfull-filled stay in the Hotel.

With the Ned Hotel, there are no dull moments, as you have access to a Dining Room that serves you right with luxurious dishes, and a place to relax when you’re stressed.

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Location – it is located  at 27 Poultry London

Price range: £38-£200 per night

Opening hours -They are open 24/7

7. Best Savoy Hotels downtown in London: The ME London

The London Hotel provides you with the right amenities that give you customer satisfaction. Also affordable, and their technical know-how staff gives you the best services that meet your standards.

Also, the customer service is top notch, from the spacious guest room to the furniture and modern facilities provided for customers to expereince a fun-filled experience like never before.

Location – The Trafalgar Square to greet street

Price range– £30-£200

Opening hours -They are open 24/7


In conclusion, Knightsbridge is a vibrant and exciting neighborhood in central London that offers a wealth of luxury hotels and high-end amenities. Whether you’re looking for a place to shop, dine, or simply relax, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from in this stylish and upscale area.

The hotels we’ve discussed, including the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, the Berkeley, and the Capital Hotel, offer guests a range of accommodations, dining options, and amenities that make your stay in London memorable.


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