Best Gyms in London

7 Best Gyms in London

Shape Your Body Perfectly: An Extensive Compass to the Top 7 Gyms Centers in London City


They say Health is wealth. Do you believe in that? I do believe in it, that’s why I don’t joke with my health.

Also, you should know that a healthy body makes you more productive and gives you the leverage to be a success in whatever you do. At every opportunity, I get to maintain a perfect, healthy body, like going to the gym, I always put it to good use.

Therefore, if you find yourself in London as a fitness enthusiast, and you are on the lookout for the best fitness center to perfect your health and body to be fitter and more productive or to have a unique growth that stands out? Look no further! The City of London has an array of fitness centers that will help you maintain a healthy body. From state-of-the-art fitness centers to boutique studios that fit your taste, you will not be disappointed with the facilities in these centers.

Here are the top 7 gym centers in London, with their location, price range, and opening hours which will make it easier for you to maintain a healthy body in the ever-busting city of London.

7 Best Gyms Centers in London City

  1. The Gymbox
  2. The Third Space
  3. The PureGym
  4. The fitness first
  5. The Nuffield health
  6. The David Lloyd Club
  7. The Gym Group

Best Gyms Centers in London City

Here are the top gym centers in London City

1. The Gymbox:

Located in London City, with branches across central London that make it easier for you to locate one to register with.

The Gymbox fitness center is one of the best out there if you need a fitness center to start sessions. They have different fitness centers across the city, from Victoria to Covent Garden, and many others with the necessary facilities that help to give you the perfect healthy body that you need for growth.

Price range– The Gymbox membership price varies from one another, depending on the location and package you deal with, with their price ranging from £60 – £100 per month. A good offer no doubt considering the top-notch service you will get from them. They also have a special plan for tourist users known as pay-as-you-go, which makes it possible for you to have a healthy body throughout your stay in London. What are you waiting for? Gymbox is the best place to be for your fitness sessions.

Opening Hours– Early Mornings to Late nights every day of the week.

2. The Third Space Fitness Center:

The Third Space Fitness Center is the best place to be for your fitness section in London, as they provide you with the necessary facilities to help you get fit. With locations in Canary Wharf, Marylebone, and Soho, The Third Space offers you the best services for your fitness program.

Therefore, if you find yourself in London City and you’re still contemplating on the fitness center to register with, The Third Space Fitness Center fits the bill.

Price range– Registration fees at The Third Space fitness centers are enormous compared to other gym centers. Their fees range from £150 – £200 per month. However, you will not regret paying those amounts as they offer you a plethora of services and top-notch facilities that give you customer satisfaction.

Opening hours– Monday – Sunday (Morning till evening)

3. The PureGym Fitness Center;

Located in London City, with arrays of branches all over the city to help serve you right without missing any details.

PureGym Fitness Center is the best place to be when you find yourself in London as they provide you with services that serve you right with the necessary facilities that give your body the perfect vigor that it desires to become fitter and more productive.

Price range– PureGym Fitness Center is one of the best cost-effective gym centers in the city of London, with £20 per month you are good to go, added with options of pay-as-you-go for visitors not staying for long.

Opening hours Monday- Sunday ( Providing 24/7 services for their members)

4. The Fitness First Gym Center;

As a gym enthusiast, if you have not been to Fitness First gym center in London, then you are missing a lot, as they have everything that is needed for your well-being, from top-notch facilities to technician know-how staff that knows what it takes to give their customer the best.

The Fitness First gym centers have other branches in London City making it easier for you to locate one, from Bishops Gate to Tottenham Court, and Baker Street, you will experience the best of the best from these centers without regretting.

Price range –Members packages at Fitness First vary depending on what you want and the package you choose to go with. However, the registration fee is around £40 – £70 per month. What are you still waiting for? Fitness First is the best place to be for your sessions.

Opening hours –From Early Morning hours to Late Night for night-out fitness lovers (Monday to Sunday)

5. The Nuffield Health Fitness Center:

One of the best Gym centers in London, with various centers across the City of London in Canary Wharf, and Mayfair, among others. Dealing with Nuffield Health Fitness Center will make your stay in London worthwhile, as they have all it takes and the necessary fitness tools to serve you right.

Price range –The membership fee at Nuffield Health Fitness Center is a little higher compared to other gym centers, their price ranges from £80 – £120 per month. However, you will not be disappointed with their service once you start dealing with them.

Opening hours –From Early morning to Late Night (Monday – Sunday)

6. The David Lloyd Clubs Fitness Center:

You think you’ve seen it all in the other gym centers and you think nothing beats what you have seen, you may be wrong! The David Lloyd Club remains one of the best in the game, with top-notch experts to serve you right and quality equipment that makes it easier for you to experience customer satisfaction. They have branches around London, from Fulham to Beckenham, and Chelsea, so it becomes easier for you to locate one fitness center to have your fitness sessions.

Price range –David Lloyd Clubs gives you the best of services and with that, you’re required to pay a higher fee, ranging from £100 – £150 per month. Moreover, the money will make up for the top-notch service you are getting.

Opening hours –From Early Morning to late Evening ( Monday – Sunday)

7. The Gym Group Fitness Center:

Located in London, with cost-effective fitness centers across the City of London, from Vauxhall to Hammersmith, and London. They help give the best service to their customers to meet up with customer satisfaction.

Deal with them today and experience seamless activities with top-notch equipment that helps give you the perfect healthy body needed to be productive.

Price range –The Gym Group membership price is as low as £15, making it possible for you to start a fitness section without having to pay a bulky fee that will affect your savings.

Opening hours –From Monday to Sunday ( providing 24/7 services for their registered members)


Whether you are a tourist or a commuter in the ever-buzzing city of London. It has become easier for you to maintain a perfect, cost-effective fitness section with the listed gym centers.

All you have to do is locate one and start your sessions with them for your wellness and to become more productive to thrive better.

Gone are the days you complain about location and the hefty fees of fitness centers, now is the time to leverage the opportunity brought to you in managing your health for perfect body wellness through fitness sessions at the gym.


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